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I despise the left wing liberal attempts to change America. I support FREEDOM, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, religious freedom and protecting the rights of Americans, including the unborn. Close the border, round up illegals and send them home. Welcome them back with a green card. I believe in preserving the visions of our founding fathers which did not include Socialism or Sharia Law. This IS STILL America.....at least for now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Reflections

I sit here with four very excited children.....excited for Christmas, Santa....and the joy of having their family together for one day....with our focus on Christ and family. What I would give to be a child for one more Christmas. To live in the spirit.....without the worries of the world. To enjoy the celebration of Christmas without the fear of the world. I worry.....I worry about another terrorist attack. I worry about the economy. I worry about our freedom. I worry about everything. Life as I remember as a child....is gone. Not just because I am an adult...but because the world has changed. We have gays fighting for their rights....men marrying men, women marrying women, women fighting for the right to kill their unborn children....who will never get to experience the magic of Christmas or the taste of ice cream on a hot summer day. I wonder.....I fear.....what is this world coming to? I ask that question....but really I don't want to know. I don't want to understand how people want to kill us.....and kill our children...simply because we are Christian and because we are free. How long will we remain free and free to worship the Christ that gives us the hope of eternal life? Our country is so into being politically correct that we have forsaken our God so as not offend others and sacrificed our right to say Merry Christmas, or the name of Jesus in public. I will not be a part of it. I am a Christian. I will worship our Lord. I will try with everything in me to be respectful of others, and to pray for them....but I will not now....or ever....give up my right to Christ. America, wake up. Scary days are ahead. Change is coming and you will need Christ more than ever. Why don't you call him now? Why wait until the last minute? Jesus is calling.....all sinners come home. Accept Jesus as your savior today. He will forgive you of your sins, and give you the promise of eternal life. What better promise could there be?

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