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Monday, January 19, 2009

Illegal Immigrants Ravage U.S. Infrastructure

Illegal Immigrants Ravage U.S. Infrastructure

I am just appalled. I usually foam at the mouth, but right now I cannot think of a single thing to add to this article, but give me a second.

Well...ok...there is one. Hispanics of the illegal variety have taken over my entire city. My daughters school is some 80% hispanic, I believe. Now with the new IB program our school is taking part in...guess what language is now mandatory for our children beginning in kindergarten? Go ahead...guess. Seriously....just give it a shot!


Go figure.

They come into our country and our government turns a blind eye to their breaking American laws. You just go break a law and see if they turn a blind eye on you, the hardworking, tax paying, American CITIZEN. Doubt it.

Finally, my county is acting on this problem. If anyone is arrested and are here illegaly...they are held for immigration, and deported. They started a 26 day surge on this and it started on 1/12. Now...this creates jobs...don't you think?

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