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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry, Boss, That's Against My Religion!

Not too long ago, a small photography business was fined for refusing to photograph a gay "wedding". The refusal was based on religious beliefs. I stand firm that they had that right.

Somali Muslims just won a lawsuit against Gold'n Plump, Inc. for being required to sign an acknowledgement that they might have to handle pork while performing the job they were being hired for. The requirements of a job should be set by the employer. If someone cannot meet the requirements they should look for another job.

Yet, some Christian pharmacists are REQUIRED to dispense the abortion pill by law even if it is in conflict with their religious beliefs. Oh but, the Muslims win their lawsuit. Does there seem to be a double standard here?

The dating site eHarmony.com was successfully sued for discrimination because it did not offer gay dating services, yet there are literally hundreds of gay dating sites that do not offer heretosexual dating services. Hmmm.....my mind is racing.

I am so baffled by all of this. Will I, as a small business owner, be forced to accommodate that which is against my religious beliefs?

It is my opinion that I should not have to do anything against my moral standards and/or religious beliefs. That being said, I own my business. I do not work for someone else who is willing to offer services that would be in conflict with my religious and moral standards. There are some things I just will not do and I will not be forced to do.

When you take a job, you take it because you are willing and able to perform the job requirements. If a meat processing plant processes pork, then don't work there. If you don't want to scan bacon in the grocery store, then you are free in America to start your own grocery store that does not sell it. (until someone feels discriminated against and sues you to force you to sell bacon).

The owners of the pharmacy you work for, set the standards. If you are going to work for THEM, then you must accept the job with all the requirements.

It just seems to me that it is the Christian Americans and American business owners taking the heat here. We are forced to do what others want us to do and yet we cannot object legally to the very same defense of the Muslims and Gays for our own religious rights and moral standards. We are literally giving up all of our own rights for the rights of immigrants and and other minority groups, and we have lost the very same rights they are winning? Is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem with this?

I am waiting for the lawsuit that sues a vegetarian restaurant for not offering steaks, or the muslim woman applying for a job as a stripper and refusing to remove religious covering or for me to apply for a waitress position in a bar but refuse to take orders for alcohal. Or what if a Jehovas Witness baker refuses to sell a birthday cake? What if a Catholic refuses to sell condoms because they prevent pregnancy?

The bottom line is this. If you come to America, you are free. You are free to practice your religion, but do not expect any American or American business to accommodate your beliefs. If you cannot handle pork, then do not apply for work in a place that processes or sells pork. If you must pray at noon on Friday, then state that on your application as a time you are unavailable for work. Don't let them hire you because you said you could work any hours then sue them for your right to pray. If you do not like the way things are in America....then just go home. Or, you can stay and contribute to a diverse culture....but not expect people to meet your needs. I never expect people to meet mine...and I was born here.

Employers should be able to state the requirements of a job for potential candidates. If you do not meet the requirements, then don't apply. Business owners should decide what services they are going to offer, period.

I could never work in a strip club or bar. I have religious and moral objections to that kind of thing. That means....I would never even attempt to work in that sort of business. Could not even walk in to apply. Still, I would not apply and then sue them. I would not apply to work anywhere that would require me to work on Saturday or Sunday. I would not apply, accept the job then sue them.

Get the picture?

eHarmony sued for not offering gay dating services

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Somalis win settlement in chicken plant discrimination case

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  1. Great post, Tammy. Great.

    I agree 1000% !!!

  2. Thanks! It is one of those issues that burns my butt...lol.

  3. You are right on target with the issues - now we need to fight for our rights.

  4. I couldn't agree more. There are so many bills being put in front of congress that our citizens should make themselves aware of and contact their representatives in Congress to speak out against them. We could lose every right and freedom and never know about it until it's too late, just because we didn't speak up.