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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Night Eating Syndrome

I am a night eater. There, I said it.

I remember when it first began. I was prowling through the pantry in the middle of the night trying to find peanut butter. I just remember thinking how hungry I was. I ate half a peanut butter sandwich and went back to sleep....and so it goes.

I have been a night eater since about 1991. I routinely wake in the middle of the night from sound sleep to on my feet. I have read where people eat at night in their sleep, but I am fully awake. My stomach or brain (not sure which) talks to me....and commands food. I comply and I can easily go back to sleep. On a good night, it will only happen once. If I have been under a lot of stress it can happen every hour....literally to the hour. What is funny...is that from the time I first fall asleep....it is almost two hours to the minute before I wake up the first time.

Night eaters diet? Well, in communicating with others peanut butter is a favorite among us. So is cereal. I have eaten candy, but usually it is around Halloween or the holidays when we would have it in the house. It does seem to be a high carb diet though, for all of us.

Night eating has been studied at Penn State for some time. I am not sure if they have decided if it is an eating disorder or a sleeping disorder. Either way, it is not fun. I am on an internet group with others with the same disorder. It seems to have a profound impact on others lives more than it does mine. I don't feel tired in the morning from waking up and I have not gained a ton of weight from it so I try not to let it control my life. If something stresses me out, I just do it more anyway, so why rock the boat? I also notice it happens more if I am not getting enough excercise. If I increase it even a little, there is a noticeable difference. Not gone...just difference.

The disorder is really beginning to be noticed in the medical field. I hope they find a fix for us...because I would really like to sleep all night for a change.

If you or anyone you know, suffer from Night Eating Syndrome, please let me know. I can point you to some very good information.

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