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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Federal Governments Demands YOUR Medical Records and DNA.

It is just amazing how bills are passed that the average American is simply unaware of. I guess we are so busy going about our lives....simply trying to survive. Still, you are doing yourself....and your children, grandchildren...a great disservice by not making yourself more informed.

This bill was actually signed by George Bush. I have always been a fan of his..but as I am learning about so many legislative items passed on his watch, I am sadly becoming disillusioned with our government as a whole.

I agree that the article below has some far fetched examples of what could happen with this bill. Or are they so far fetched? You tell me.

I cannot think of a single reason why the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs my medical records or those of my children stored on their database. Is it to make my records immediately available to physicians caring for me in an emergency? I am not sure. I am quite capable of carrying an emergency card with my blood type, medical conditions, medications I take, and my Dr's phone numbers. That is IF I choose to do so. I am responsible for me, not BIG BROTHER. It is not the job of the government to take care of me. I will succeed or fail based on the choices I make for myself.

What I have learned the past few weeks...is that bills pass....with all the hoopla of what good they will do. Still, look closer at the bills. These could be mandatory and no option to opt out.

Let's just say I require emergency care. I have no ID on me. That database does me no good. What is next? An implanted chip they can scan and then have my life history? I mean if I am not bright enough to carry ID, then the government must make it so that they can identify me....AND YOU at all times...just in case of emergency, right? It is in our best interest! Bullshit.

I personally do not want my records on any database. It leaves open to hackers..etc. Ummm....how many times has our country been the victim of electronic/digital foul play? I can think of a few just offhand. What is to keep our medical records from falling prey to hackers?

Why does the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT need my child's DNA collected at birth? I am sure they can list a lot of valid, sound, and excellent reasons....BUT....once they have their DNA...what are they going to do with it? We will never know. Could we then be risk classified by our DNA? If you have no control over what they do with your DNA or your childs, then nothing is sounding very far fetched to me. Can we opt out of this DNA collection of newborns? I would be willing to take a guess......NO!

Wake up America! Know who represents you in your state and in Washington. Keep up to date on legislation (that means READ IT from beginning to end), and how your representative plans to vote. Look at what the bill DOES NOT say as well as what it does say. Using this topic as an example, look for where it says it is mandatory or where it does not say it is voluntary. Read between the lines. Question your representatives. Get the answers and make your voice heard.

There is simply no reason why the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs my medical records. If this is mandatory, it without question, eliminates my right to privacy.

Economic stimulus? Feds want your medical records
Electronic database to include lawsuit, mental health, abortion, sexual details...

Like I said, they make it look very good. Read the bill below. Summary and full text available.

S.1858 Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007

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