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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today You Can Relax, Tomorrow Obama Starts Signing Away Our Country

One of the very first bills Obama is expected to sign is a bill granting illegal aliens FREE health insurance. It will also give FREE health insurance to children whose parents earn up to $61,000 a year with a family of four.

Now, if you make SIXTY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR you do not deserve free health care for your children. You can afford to pay for it and you should pay for it. PERIOD. That should be factored in above your mortgage. If the amount you have to pay for health care for your children is going to affect you, then buy a smaller house. Trade your car(s) in for something less expensive. Cancel your damn gym memberships....OK?

As for illegal aliens....they are not entitled to health benefits using American tax dollars. As I understand it, they can sign up with no passport or green card. They must provide a social security number and they will be given health benefits for up to 90 days while they verify the social security number. That being said, is the Social Security administration tracking stolen numbers? If a stolen SS number is not yet known to be stolen it will appear as valid. Which will allow illegal aliens to continue to burden our health care system with free health care.

Medicaid is meant to be for those in hard times, temporary. Sadly, it is used as a way of life by many Americans and illegal aliens.

America cannot afford to provide them with free health care. We are up to our ears in debt...have a sinking economy.....and these benefits should be paid for those hard working Americans and LEGAL immigrants who are suffering through this collapsing economy.

When is America going to wake up? They are here in violation of American laws! Why should we feel sorry for them? What about the people waiting in line legally to come live the American dream? Those who want to come here and propser, not come illegally to steal health care, food, housing, and education from the American tax payer.

America has to get a grip on the illegal alien issue. Yes, ILLEGAL ALIEN. They are here illegally. They are not undocumentented workers....they are criminals. They are stealing from the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS....they are stealing our AMERICAN DREAM. So that makes two crimes....entering illegally and stealing.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for them. Yet, by the end of the day tomorrow, this could be law.

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  1. Go Tammy!

    You must be very proud of your strong stance against children receiving health care! Children are and always have been a real drag on our society. I especially can't stand children who have chosen to be born to poor parents, or to parents who have come here illegally. I can't believe those children have the gall to try to be healthy. What right do they have to be healthy?

    Seriously, though, keep this in mind. When an uninsured child gets sick, that child typically goes to an emergency room. This is absolutely the most expensive way one can receive medical attention. And guess who pays for it? People who are buying insurance. We're already paying for the uninsured. Giving them real insurance will allow them to see a physician outside of an emergency situation, stay healthy, and lower costs for all of us.

  2. I am not against children receiving health care. I am against illegal aliens recieving it. Let me make another thing very clear to you, I am not against immigration either. I am against all those who enter this country illegally. Our economy is falling...with not much fall left before it hits the bottom. Immigrations laws were set into place for a reason. We have to have control over who comes into this country and HOW MANY come into this country.

    American is not a welfare nation. Illegal immigration has taken a huge toll on our country. Most who enter this country illegally commit more crimes and do not assimilate.

    It has had a profound impact on education. I use my childs school as an example. It went from a National School to a school which had to cut PE, Art, and Music to almost nothing. This was to make way for ESOL classes. Let me rephrase that. It was to make way for ESOL classes for children who were BORN here mostly to illegal parents. Those children (which make up nearly 90% of the students) get free breakfast and lunch. (I am sure you will now say I am against children eating)

    I have children and I have worked in the early childhood education field. I am not against children receiving health care as you so state.

    You can take and twist my words all you want....but the fact is illegal immigration is a sore issue in this country.

    The American government is not here to take care of people. It is here to ensure the freedom for people to learn to take care of themselves. The ones who come here illegally never seem to do that. Ones who wait in line for their turn to enter this country to share the American dream...not only take care of themselves, but contribute to society in a meangingful way. They learn OUR language. They assimilate.

    I also cannot find a job in my career now, because I do not speak Spanish. A lot of other people are in the same situation.

    I agree that receiving primary health care in the emergency room is costly. If they are here illegally, they should be sent home to stand in line.

    I say it again, America is not a welfare nation. There are many who agree.

  3. Anonymous, please read this. I hope it will give you some insight as to why I feel the way I do.