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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yellowstone, Obama, and Families (not in that order)

With 6 days to before Obama closes the "Office of the President Elect", one might wonder what lies ahead. I believe, that Obama will truly bring families together again. Remember the days when families not only prayed together, but played together? Get ready, Folks....those days are about to return. Now this is not all together a bad thing.....but put it into perspective. IT IS ALL WE WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO DO. While you have some money left that has not been sucked up by taxes...hurry to the nearest Target and buy all the board games and Uno cards you can find. If you can buy doubles...do it in case you lose essential pieces.

It is too bad it is going to take a Presdident of the USA to bring families closer together. It is too bad it has to happen this way. Shame on us. Our kids have needed our time all along.

I truly believe that America is reaching the end of the road. There is a Russian professor who has long predicted that America will fall in 2010. Now...15 years ago, I would have laughed. I am not laughing now. It seems not only possible, but probable. We are in a state of disaster. This country once bold, brave, and beautiful is falling apart. Now, I am an end times believer....so I believe better things are to follow.

Still, I find myself angry that one of the most expensive inaugrations is upon us. I believe that any decent President, considering the state of our economy, would forego the infamous ball. Just take the oath of office and get your ass to work. You fix the economny, you can renew your oath and have your big inagurial ball....and every hard working American would say you deserved it. But to celebrate your oath of office when million of Americans have lost their jobs....really pisses me off. There...I said it!

Now...we still have Yellowstone making herself known. The swarms are continuing...but...waning. I believe they will return....and that we are seeing a pattern forming. I read on some geology site, that the worst thing that could happen at Yellowstone would be a thaw...and the implications of such. It did not sound so good. Then on another site...one made a prediction that in the fourth month of this new swarm activity...(which they say will wax and wane) Yellowstone will erupt. Now...four months from the end of December puts us into late April....not long after a big thaw at Yellowstone. I have noticed how quakes are posted then removed. I find that interesting. I wonder...if Obama has been briefed?

You know, I wonder what Ronald Weinland would say on this topic?


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