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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caylee Marie Anthony

I have followed the story of Caylee from day one. I have two daughters and three grandchildren that I am raising. Her story caught my attention and my heart. I could not imagine any of my children being taken from me. It would be too much for me to bear.

Children take away your freedom to do as you please, no doubt. Still, their needs are my priority so the loss of freedom is moot. They are my freedom...they are my life. Sure, they drive me nuts. They bicker, fight, make messes, make too much noise, tear through the house and break stuff...and generally act like kids and drive me crazy. When I have these days, I remind myself that all these things they do....indicate they are happy, healthy children. I am so thankful to have been blessed with five happy, healthy children.

I read the news online and see the comments people post at the end of the stories. I am just amazed at how harsh people are toward George and Cindy Anthony. I cannot imagine how it would be to walk in their shoes. Honestly, I do not even want to imagine. It is just too much for me. It just angers me to no end when people say such awful things about George and Cindy. I would hope you never have to walk in their shoes and experience the loss and pain they have had to endure. They did not ask for it.

As a Mother of a 25 year old daughter....I can tell you with 100% certainty that no matter what she did, I would stand by her. That is what parents do. You do not have to approve of their actions to stand by them. Still, I can tell you that no matter what my daughter does....she is my daughter and I could never stop loving her.

Now...as a Grandmother raising her grandchildren....I can tell you that these children are like my own. They are as much my children as my own children. There is no difference. My youngest daughter is 7, my grandson 6, and my two granddaughters are ages 5 and 3. There is nothing they could do that could make me not love them. I could not imagine anything happening to any of them.

What happened to Caylee is something I find very hard to think about. Caylee did not deserve that. Children do not deserve what happened to Caylee. It is unthinkable. How could someone do that to a baby?

Caylee was the light of George and Cindy's life. I do not have to know them to know that. Can you blame them for holding on to hope that she was still alive? Can you blame them for being in denial that their very own daughter stands accused of murdering her child, their grandchild? It is beyond anything I can imagine. They lost their grandchild, and could very well face losing their daughter.

Clearly, from all media reports, Casey Anthony suffers from mental illness. Let's for a second assume that she did murder Caylee. How could any "normal or sane person murder a two year old child? Some call her a sociopath. Is that not mental illness?

I get angry when I think that Casey could have murdered her own baby. How could anyone not get angry? Still, I pray for her every night. I pray for George and Cindy. This pain will last the rest of their lives. How do you get over something like this? My heart goes out to them.

To George and Cindy, I am so, so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you. Caylee was just a precious little angel. I am sorry for what you will have to endure with Casey in the future with her trial. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. When I kiss my babies goodnight, I give them an extra kiss for Caylee. I hope you find comfort in knowing that Caylee touched the lives of millions of people....and George and Cindy....you will see her again. This is a promise from God. You WILL see her again.

While we know that Caylee is in the arms of God...there are still so many missing children. Please take a look at the video below and pray for these children and their families. Get some tissue before you watch it.

Parents take every precaution with your children. People make fun of me for being an overly protective mother. When my oldest daughter was about 10, a friend of mine joked that she would be 17 before I let her cross a street by herself. While she was not 17, she was always expected to not play outside alone. If she walked to a friends house she had to walk with someone and call me when she got there and before she came home. We taught her everything we could to protect her. We just do not live in the world I grew up in. It only takes a split second and your children can be gone forever. My younger kids do not play outside alone. I never leave them in the house alone...not even for a minute. There have been times when I went to the store for something quick...and considered leaving them alone in the car. It might be cold out...and getting four kids out of the car is a pain.....but I never do it. It is just simply not worth it. If I cannot see the children...they come with me.

If your child or children are more than you can handle. Tell someone. Nobody is going to blame you for getting help or giving them to someone who will give them a good, happy home and love them as if they were the only child on earth. A family who will give them every opportunity to grow into happy, loving and successful adults. There are so many people who desperately want children. It is your job to give them all these things, whether you do it yourself or allow someone else to do it. Maybe there is a family member that would be willing to take the children...or a friend. Someone at your local church. There are people who would do anything to have children and can't. Just do what is right for THEM. A mothers love comes in my forms.

I have my grandchildren.....and I would not have it any other way.

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