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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hail Obama! He Convinced Congress To Pass His Stimulus Bill Without Even Reading It!

Well, it happened, and I am literally horrified. The Democratic leaders of America passed a bill without even reading it. There were 1100 pages....and we have no clue what is in this bill. We will not know for months or even years everything that was attached to this stimulus package.

I give Obama credit, he got it passed. He spewed threats of dire consequences....put partisanship aside....stop playing games....pass the damn thing...it cannot wait another day! It could not wait another day for congress to pass it....but it would wait three more days to be signed into law while Obama took a three day holiday getaway to Chicago. Soaked up some basketball, took his wife out to a Valentine's Day dinner....and got a haircut. HEY, I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN EMERGENCY? One Conressional leader flew directly back from his mothers wake to cast his vote and flew immediately back for her funeral. Yet you fly to Chicago for dinner, basketball and a haircut while Americans are losing their jobs.

The mere fact that our leaders did not even get time to read the bill...is what I consider an attack on my freedom. This bill needed to be read, made public....and WE THE PEOPLE should have had more opportunity to let our ELECTED officials know how we felt about it.

If this is transparency, if this is the change we can believe in, then I do not mind telling you I am scared as hell. Will this stimulus bill work? I sure hope so....but I am still mad and scared as hell at how our American system is not working for us. This is beyond socialism, it is much worse.

How can a bill be transparent if it was not even read before it was voted on?

One thing we do know is that the Health Care provision attached to this bill is just what Daschle wrote about in his book. It passed exactly the way he said it should pass. Attach it to another bill and run it through quickly. Please do not buy the book, but read it at the library. I would not waste a dime on a book he will profit on unless you buy it used or borrow it from your local library.

Then there are those who blame the GOP for the mess our country is in. If you ask me, it is definitely a bipartisan mess. As I recall we had a largely democratic congress who failed to act. Why did they fail to act? They created it. Well, I lay most of the blame on Pelosi, Franks, and Dodd. What did they do while our country was falling apart? I believe they did nothing after they created this mess so that the GOP could take the blame and they could resume control and lead us down a path our founding fathers never envisioned.

Someone better take a cold hard look at the Democratic Party and how they are leaning so far left that they are socialists. Wake up America! I truly believe the next thing the Obama Administration will do....is attempt to bring criminal charges against President George Bush and his Administration. That is how they will get America to look one way while they pass things by us the other way.

An old quote from Thomas Jefferson keeps coming to mind:

"A Democracy is where 51% of the people take away the rights of the other 49%"

Very scary.

Graham on Bipartisanship: 'The Country's Screwed'

Know your leaders. Visit: www.opencongress.org


  1. Have you read the article about how Border's stocked Obama's books under the religion section?

    Hail Obama is closer than we think!!


  2. Oh no...I did not hear about that. That is very scary.