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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Health Care, BE INFORMED!

Health care in America could be about to change dramatically. Your health care records could be on a national database giving the government full access to what was once considered a private matter between you and your physcian.

Where does it go from there?

Well, here is where it goes. There will be a "national" review board. They will review your records...and guide your doctor into cost effective treatments. This will seriously affect middle aged to older Americans. They will review your recommended treatment by cost of treatment and number of years you are expected to benefit from the treatment. If the years are not enough on average....you won't get that care. A 75 year old senior breaks her hip. Will she get a hip replacement...or a wheel chair? This is no joke, people. Most of you know I am a republican. Proud and true...but his is not a partisan issue. Bush started this...and Obama is going to make it law at warp speed with the national review board. What used to be private between you and your Dr...will no longer be private. You need to BE INFORMED! We do not even have a say in this matter. It is happening. Welcome to the new USSA. Socialized medicne. Let me say this....to make it very clear....Canada and the UK, both have socialized medicine. They rush to our country for treatment because it so so backed up there. We manage here. Even without health insurance...we manage. The unisured still are treated....with the best medical care in the world. But once this passes...where will we go for care? Mexico? This is serious...people. The government has no right to say what care you receive. End of discussion.

Inform yourself...because I assure you, the left wing liberals and the Republicans are not about to.

Institute for Health Freedom

America, wake up. Things are happening. You need to know what is going on, what is coming and how to voice your opinion.

Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey

Nancy Pelosi had stated that this is not the intention of the bill. If that is true, then change the wording to protect Americans privacy and right to choose their own treatment along with their Dr. without any government input. Easy enough, right? Then just do it...change the wording of this bill.

Tell your representatives how you feel! Just enter your zipcode and it will display your representatives and how to contact them.

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