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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Legislation Headed Our Way

I encourage you to view the bills below. Once you understand them....go to www.congress.org and at the top enter your zip code and find your representatives. Take a few moments to call or email them and let them know how you feel about this.

The bills do not always match the words you see on TV....so please be sure you understand them. Example...Obama promised to make sure everyone had insurance coverage. Sounds good, huh? The reality is he is trying to CONTROL your health care by nationalizing it. What does this mean? It means that your Dr. is no longer the one who decides what treatment you will receive. It gives that control to the government.

We have the BEST health care system in the world. This will ration medical care. You will only get treatments of the GOVERNMENT deems it cost effective.

Now, I am not sure how you feel....but I feel that my medical care is between myself and my Drs. Where my children are concerned, my childs Drs. and I will determine what is best for them. The GOVERNMENT has no place in my private affairs.

Below you will see the upcoming bills. Take a good look at them. Read them and SPEAK UP. We are moving at warp speed at becoming a Soclialst Nation.

NEW! H.R. 659 "Private Bill; For the relief of certain aliens who were aboard the Golden Venture" (Referred to committee - No Cosponsors) (Bills that benefit a few targeted individuals, like this one by Rep. Todd Platts (R-Pa.), are somewhat common.)

H.R. 15 creates a nationalized system of free health care. (Referred to committee - No Co-sponsors)

H.R. 414, the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act, requires cameras in cell phones to make an audible sound to alert others (such as in locker rooms) when a picture is taken. (Referred to committee - No Co-sponsors)

H.R. 346 repeals the automatic payraises Congress receives. (Referred to committee - 1 Co-sponsor)

H.R. 390 addresses "college football playoff games" (Referred to committee - 2 Co-sponsors) while H.R. 187 says let Cubans play American baseball. (Referred to committee - No Co-sponsor)

H.R. 227 states that human life begins at fertilization. (Referred to committee - 54 Co-sponsors (one new))

H.R. 254 moves voting to the weekend. (Referred to committee - 1 (new) Co-sponsor)

H.R. 113 requires anything funded by an earmark to be audited. (Referred to committee - No Co-sponsors) Perhaps things like H.R. 202, which creates a "Museum of Ideas." (Referrred to committee - No Co-sponsors)

H.R. 116 ends political "robocalls" if you are on the "Do Not Call" Registry (Referred to committee- 2 (new) Co-sponsors), while Senate bill S. 30 wants there to be caller ID honesty. (Referred to Committee - 3 Co-sponsors)

H.R. 126 would limit citizenship at birth only to those who have at least one parent who is a citizen or legal resident. (Referred to committee - No Co-sponsors) H.R. 160 would limit Social Security benefits to only legal citizens or residents. (Referred to committee - 3 Co-sponsors)

H.R. 155 would ban taxes on unemployment benefits for two years (Referred to committee - 14 Co-sponsors (11 new)), while H.R. 162 bans taxes on Social Security benefits. (Referred to committee - 2 Co-sponsors)

H.R. 87 says "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is," and invites those who like to pay taxes to voluntarily pay extra taxes. (Referred to committee - 3 Co-sponsors) Or how about just a "Fair Tax" (a national sales tax)and abolishing the IRS as called for in H.R. 25. (Referred to Committee - 43 (3 new) Co-sponsors)

H.R. 70 would make it a hate crime to display a noose with the intent to intimidate. (Referred to committee - No Co-sponsors) And H.R. 40 explores paying reparations to African-Americans. (Referred to committee - 3 Co-sponsors)

S. 213 would create an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights. (Referred to Committee - 2 Co-sponsors (1 new))

And Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is back in the swing of things. He's introduced S. 151, a bill to protect Indian arts and crafts. (Referred to committee - 1 Co-sponsor)

You need to make it your job to be aware. You owe it to yourself...your children....grandchildren....great-grandchildren.

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