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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama, Prove You Are Eligible To Be President Of The United States

For the past year I have followed a lot of the news. I have even followed the lawsuits that insist Obama prove he is an American Citizen. Obama claims to have released his birth certificate, but in all fairness, that was not a full birth certificate. It is known that you could register births outside of the USA during the time he was born, and that the certificate he provided was not the type provided during that time period. There is a difference in Certification of Birth and Birth Certificate. His very own sister named two different hospitals that he was said to have been born in, his Kenyan Grandmother said he was born in Kenya and she was there for the birth.

All things considered, If he is an American citizen, I have to wonder why Obama would not just release his full birth certificate? Why is he spending so much time fighting the lawsuits? He could put this to rest once and for all, but he won't do it. You have to admit, it is a little suspicious.

I never really gave it much thought...until I recently realized how hard he is fighting this. He is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sealed every record that would show his true citizenship. If he is truly an American citizen....why will he not just put the issue to rest?

Mr. Obama....as an American citizen, I ask you to just answer to one of the pending lawsuits. If you are an American citizen, you have no reason not to do this, but the way you are dodging the suits, hiding documents....I have to wonder now.

As for the certificate you released....you can buy the very same form, with the very same smudge on it on well known website. That was the real kicker for me. I looked at it, enlarged the one you provided and the one on the website...and sure enough...the very same smudge. I find that very interesting.

I also find it odd that congress verified McCain's eligibility and not yours. What's up with that?

Please.....just prove it. Put this issue to rest once and for all.


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