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Thursday, February 5, 2009

U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child

They make it sound so warm and fuzzy. NOT!

I read about this convention today and how our new leadership in the USA is going to review this once more. I had never heard of it so I went looking for more information on it. I googled U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and CRC and I was floored with the websites it returned with this information on it.

I agree with some of what is in this bill of rights....but as I say over and over...you have to read what it DOES NOT say as well as what it does say. There are some very interesting items for the well being of children listed in this bill of rights....however....there are many that remove the rights of the parents to make decisions for their own children. You could lose the right to have your newborn son circumcised. Homeschooling would go away....the right to refuse to allow your children to be taught that homosexuality and transgender lifestyles is an acceptable alternative lifestyle. We already know that the government is pushing for this sort of education beginning in kindergarten.

I do believe that children should be taught to treat ALL people with love and respect, but to present to children that this is an option for them is just too much in my opinion. They do not need to worry about this sort of thing in KINDERGARTEN!

I urge you to read the artlice I am linking below and then to read the Convention on the Rights of the Child. I remind you once again, to read what it DOES NOT say as much as what it does. The first article puts some of it into plain english where the actual bill of rights....just makes it all sound wonderful.

When reading the Convention on the Rights of the Child....be sure to take note of how often and where it says OVER AND OVER:

State Parties shall.....

It is not the responsibility of State Parties to parent my children. It is my responsibility. They are MY children not the children of the state.

Also know that every nation in the world has adopted this treaty except the USA and Somalia. Although the USA did sign this, it was never ratified. Somalia did not have a legally recognized government at the time so they could not move forward on this. It was signed by Madeliene Albright.

Now, it is coming up for a review by the Obama Administration. I believe it has a chance of passing and it scares me to death. It also scares me because MOST Americans do not have a clue about these kinds of things until they become law.

I am not the type of parent that spanks my child every chance I get, in fact, I do not like doing it...and do so very, very rarely.....but there have been times where it was necessary...and it did serve its purpose. There is a difference between abuse and a spanking.

To voice your opinion on this, please go to www.congress.org and you can enter your zip code to find out who your representatives are in Washington. I urge you to email them IMMEDIATELY!

United Nations' threat: No more parental rights
Expert: Pact would ban spankings, homeschooling if children object

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)
The text of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child with emphasis on the articles that could prohibit circumcision of newborn males. The highlighted text would apply to prohibiting circumcision.

And the same people pushing for this in the USA are the same people who ripped Elian Gonzalez from his family here which provided safety, security and freedom. They sent him back to Cuba. Lots of freedom and individual rights there, folks.

Elian was so "free" that he has now joined Cuba's Young Communist Union.
Elian Gonzalez Joins The Communist Party
Many Cuban Exiles See The Boy's Induction As Proof That He Is Fidel Castro's Pawn

This treaty could very well eliminate all Christian schools. Young children would be free to choose their own religion. Umm....does this apply to Islam as well?

Your child could seek birth control or an abortion without your knowledge or consent. How many children know their blood type...or family medical history which could be very relevant in making decisions of this type? Oh wait, not to worry, all of our medical records will be on a national database.

Last I knew as a "parent".....my young children did not even know how to properly decide for themselves when it was time to go to bed...or stop eating candy....or when to take a bath...or the importance of vegetables.....when to do their homework...when to brush their teeth...but okay....let's let them tell me they don't like our church....and then force me to provide them with one that meets their satisfcaction. Oh...I and I guess I have to transport them there too....even if it means I miss my own church. Yes....HURRY....let's do it!

This page takes a while to load, but it is a MUST READ:
‘Narcissistic Sovereignty’ Has Kept U.S. from Ratifying U.N. Treaty on Children’s Rights

Wake up, America!
Please visit: parentalrights.org

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