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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cigarette Prices to Exceed $5.50 a PACK!

I was informed by my local convenience store this morning that cigarettes will soon exceed $5.50 a pack in my area. I was told this will happen within 1-4 weeks. Now I agree that smoking is bad for you. I agree that people should quit. I will quit. I cannot justify taking that much money from my family each day to smoke. Not everyone will quit though. There will be many people who will sacrifice the needs of their family to continue smoking. That being said, these people will have nationalized health care. They will have more nationalized health care than they could have ever wanted...even if it is the goverment telling them what they must do and how they will be treated. Not following the goverment doctors orders will get you labled a non-compliant patient. What then...will we go to jail?

Let's go back to the Presidential Election. Obama is our President because of a movement within the lower economic class and because many people voted for his skin color as opposed to his resume, his lack of experience. Do you think they are going to be happy when their Marlboro's and Newport's double in price? Change. Change we can believe in? Do you think they expected this change? First it is cigarettes, next it is alcohol. Where will it end? Will they tax the hell out of a Big Mac too?

What if so many people quit that there is no money for SOCIALIZED MEDICAL CARE? I sure hope that happens. It probably won't though and if it did, he would just tax something else. More taxes on utilities? Food? Great, let's double or triple the price of electricity and food. You may see a tax cut in your paycheck....but it will not be enough to cover the taxes you will have to pay on other things. Not just cigarettes...but electricity, natural gas, water, gasoline....and where will it end?

Are you aware that Obama is a smoker? He will be able to afford his tax increase on cigarettes. It is the lower economic class that will be hurt by it. The very people who voted him into offce.

Many of the people who voted for Obama did not even know who his VP running mate would be. They were presented with trick questions such as.....Do you think Sarah Palin will be a good VP for Obama....and they said YES! These people did not know who Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank or Harry Reid is....they just did not have a clue what they were voting for when they cast their ballot.

I used to laugh at the alarmists and "conspiracists" that predicted civil unrest and martial law in our future. I am not laughing anymore. In fact, I believe it will start with the very people who voted Obama into office.

That's it folks....you wanted CHANGE! You got CHANGE! Next time be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

How Obama Got Elected

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  1. Yup, they're going straight up from here. It's a costly habit.