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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Civilian Security Force on Agenda Again

Civilian Security Force on Agenda Again

House Passes Volunteerism Bill Critics Call Pricey, Forced Service ***UPDATE***

This is an open letter to Barack Obama.

I am a mother. I raise my children my way. You have no say in how I raise my children. Are we clear? Good.

You have no right to REQUIRE anyone to volunteer or serve in any Civilian Military. Did I make that clear? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT. When, if and how we volunteer is our business.

I am telling you RIGHT NOW, my family will not be a part of your agenda. So you can count us out right now. End of discussion.

When my children are ready to go to college and choose to volunteer or attend your boot camp....it will be THEIR CHOICE. WE ARE FREE in America and contrary to your seemingly beliefs...we are able to make decisions for ourselves. We do not need YOU to do that for us.

What our family does with our time...is not your business or the business of any government agency. It never has been...and it never will be.

This is not a socialist country. It is not a communist country. It may be part of your agenda...but I assure you that the American people will prevent that from happening. You are not a King..or the Messiah. You are an elected official...and you would do good to remember that.


A pissed off Mom named Tammy

P.S. You have no business with our medical records either. That is none of your concern.

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