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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Fall of America

I was born into this great nation. A nation that afforded me freedom and opportunity. Sadly, I do not think my children are going to be as blessed as I was. America is changing. It is not the same America. We have become so politically correct that we do not even know who we are anymore. If you speak against homosexuality in America, it is a hate crime.

High school coaches (Christian) cannot bow their heads during a student led pre-game prayer, yet Muslim students are now permitted to pray at school, with special accommodations from the school district in the works. I may not be a rocket scientist...but if there is one thing I know....I know they cannot stop these coaches from praying. They may keep them from bowing their heads or kneeling....but you cannot stop them from praying. I hope these coaches remove their hats and look to the heavens to pray with their teams. I hope their prayers include our country. We need all the prayer we can get.

Next we have Iran, who is so close to a nuclear bomb it is not even funny. America just stood by and let it happen. America did not support Israel and I believe that America will support Israel less and less. Scary thought, because Iran wants to wipe Israel AND America off the map. Hillary has said that she will act to stop Israel from building in parts of Jerusalem. Umm....last I knew Jerusalem was in Israel...and it was none of Hillary's or America's business. Our new Administration is going to support the terrorists in Palestine. Obama is sending AMERICAN money to rebuild for terrorists!

Obama is spending us into the ground. We are in such an economic mess. I, honestly, do not see an end to this. Even if America manages to stand....our children for generations to come will be paying off the Obama legacy.

There is a Russian scholar, who predicted about 10 years ago that America would fall in 2010. If I had read this even five years ago, I would have laughed. Now, the reality is....it could be reality. It is not so funny now.

Immigration is a joke in America. If you are an American and break a law...you pay the price. Mexicans, by the millions, have broken American immigration laws while our leaders ignore it. They do absolutely nothing about it. Now...we are in an economic crisis and they are here competing with Americans for jobs that don't have an abundance of lately. I applied for a part-time job during school hours at a fast food restaurant. I was not hired because I do not speak Spanish. Excuse me? This is AMERICA. Our language is ENGLISH. Now, these illegal aliens will benefit from mortgage assistance.....while taking our jobs. It is one thing to be here legally and compete for employment....but this is too much.

California is bankrupt. Maybe they need to look at their population, determine who is legal, and send the rest home. Interesting concept, send home the moochers.

Next we have Russia. I think Russia presents more of a threat to us than people realize. They support Iran, and have become boldly aggressive in the last year. They have all but threatened a nuclear response to American missile defense systems in Europe. Hello people! We are not talking nuclear warheads pointed anywhere...we are talking defense systems. What to do they expect? Countries to sit and take the bombs without any defense? North Korea and Venezuela are real threats too. There are so many alliances being built against America...and nobody seems to notice.

Obama is leading us right into socialism. National health care, international parenting standards that he will surely sign into law. Taking over financial institutions. Can you say, "Welcome to the USSA"? Is global socialism on its way?Next we will have implanted damn chips to match us to our "medical records". You laugh....it is not such a remote idea anymore and it is predicted in The Bible. Prophecy is being fulfilled faster than people realize.

I believe more is to come. Obama is in favor of a Constitutional Convention. If that happens...you can kiss your right to bear arms goodbye. Why is he so threatened by Americans who own guns? Could it have something to do with something related to spying on ALL American citizens phone and internet activities? Then there is his civilian army. Although he preached this during the campaign...we have not heard much more about it...but we will. Exactly what is this? Is it an army to pit neighbor against neighbor? Neighbors will report neighbors who speak against Obama the Messiah?

Obama said 95% of America will get a tax cut. Somewhere he forgot to mention all the new taxes on utilities included in his budget. Some say that it will cost every American household hundreds of dollars each month to pay these new taxes on necessary items....like electricity. Let me say that I am unemployed. My business tanked with the economy. I have four children I am raising...and I cannot find a job. That being said I do not believe that it is the responsibility of those who worked hard and became very successful to support me...or my children. Rather than raise their taxes, cut them so that they can continue to prosper and create more jobs for America.

Obama has created one of the most corrupt administrations in my lifetime...if not ever. Tax cheats being at the top of the list. Obama himself seems to be on the corrupt side. During his campaign he promised to put an end to earmarks and pork in bills. His recent stimulus package and new budget is just damn loaded with it. One report says over 9000 porky items in the stimulus package. So much for transparency.

We have Shariah law moving into America. Muslims can now get mortgages without paying interest...because it is against their religion. We have Muslim women fighting to have their drivers license photo taken with their heads covered. Let a Christian go to Saudi Arabia and demand their rights as a Christian. You just try going outside without following Islamic law that says women must cover. You will find yourself in jail. Yet our leaders allow every diverse group in America to demand their rights. As they gain new rights, Christians are losing them left and right.

What is happening in America? As if we don't have enough problems, there are Democrats in West Virginia trying to ban BARBIE dolls. We have become so politically correct that next we will have butt ugly Barbie's. I can see it now...Wart Nosed Barbie or Birthmark Barbie. Give me a break.

I don't know about you, but what is happening in America, scares the hell out of me.

Geez....all this and he has not even been declared eligible to be the President of the United States of America. Hmmm....could there be a hidden agenda in there somewhere?

I saw a bumer sticker recently that said, Honk if you want to pay my mortgage. No need to honk on the internet....just email me.

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