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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fire Up The Printing Press, The U. S. Postal Service Is Going Bankrupt

Yesterday's news brought more gloom and doom to America. The United States Postal Service is going bankrupt. Another failure of a major institution in America.

America's need for mailing has greatly decreased in recent years. The internet being brought into millions of homes and businesses has simply lessened the need for mailing. We can pay our bills online, fax and attach files to our emails which in many cases eliminates the need for any sort of mailing. I for one, have switched to UPS for mailing packages. You can go into any number of businesses with no lines to ship off a package as opposed to standing in a long line and wait to be called to the counter in a military like fashion. I will continue to go to small mailing centers...for the convenience and the respect. They say thank you.

Now that being said...millions of others utilize the post office. So what to do?

Maybe they need to reorganize. Sadly, that is a solution that will leave more people unemployed. I would venture to guess that the USPS is one of the largest employers in the country.

We can print more money and give it to them...but until they reorganize to function effectively with the amount of business they receive... it will be pointless. We will bail them out again.

It would seem that America is beginning to crumble from the very core of her existence. Pretty damn scary, huh? And they want to take over our health care?

Postal chief says post office running out of money

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