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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gender "Identity" Issues, Public Restrooms, Locker Rooms and "Political Correctness"

When did it happen? When did the term politically correct come into being? When did we fall over the edge of political correctness?

As the mother of four girls and one boy, public restrooms are an issue for our family. We depend on them and we expect them to be safe. We expect them to provide a modest environment where we can meet physical needs safely.

No more.

Lawsuits and even laws are popping up all over the nation that allow men to use ladies restrooms and locker rooms. We can no longer enter a restroom expecting to see only people of the same sex using the restrooms and locker rooms clearly identified for a single sex.

Lawsuits from those with "Gender Identity Issues" are prevailing in American courtrooms. Now, if someone has had a sex change OPERATION, I am not so concerned. They would then have the same "equipment" as expected from the clearly marked "Ladies" room.

As a mother who frequently utilizes public restrooms, I worry about the laws changing to allow men in the ladies room. Any sexual predator can now give himself a good shave, throw on a dress and make up....then lie in wait for a victim in a public restroom designated for ladies. There are young girls who enter public restrooms alone in restaurants while their parents wait for them at the table. Now, we can and should be taking our 15 year old daughters to the restroom ourselves. It is a damn shame.

Laws are changing to meet the perceived needs of a few and ignoring the rights of many.

I believe men should use men's restrooms and locker rooms and ladies should use ladies. It has served us well for hundreds of years.

What's next? Urinals to accommodate the gendered confused in ladies rooms because they have not yet had surgery?

Give me a break.

Gender Identity: Who Gets To Use Public Restrooms?

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