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Thursday, March 19, 2009

House adopts plan for 'volunteer' corps

Reporting for Duty, SIR!

Slowly but surely the information on forced volunteerism is coming forth. You know...it is scary. When it appears that ONLY infants would be exempt...you gotta wonder just what the hell this program really is and who they hell they think they are to FORCE Americans to "serve". I don't mind telling you, this bothers me. No, this petrifies me. Earlier today I was under the impression that it was just my children I had to protect from this, now I see it is myself too.

Obama Requires YOU to SERVE, H.R.1388, “The Give Act” to reform the National Service Laws

House adopts plan for 'volunteer' corps
Also requires new evaluation of 'mandatory' service for all

I am just in total shock with the news of the day. Forced volunteerism.....and if you piss off the government....or someone you know does...they will just make a law that taxes you at 90%. I agree the AIG execs should not have received those bonues. Still, it WAS provided in legislation that they COULD give them out. Sooo...they do...and then within the matter of a day...a new law was enacted to tax them at 90% on their bonuses. You may agree that they should do that....but look closer. If they can do it to them they can do it to us. It is corruption at every level of the law.

Oh crap....I guess that is what will happen to me when I refuse to participate in forced volunteerism.

I tell you right now...I WILL go to jail before anyone dictates to me that I HAVE to volunteer. Now if someone breaks a law and gets community service as a punishment...that is different. But barring that, nobody will ever dictate to me what I will do with my time. I decide what I do, I decide what is best for me...and until my children are grown, I DECIDE what is best for them.

I have frequently read on alarmist websites about new FEMA camps popping up all over the country. Oh wait....FEMA CAMPUS. Now I think they could be on to something. It all kinda fits here, huh? You know if it walks like a duck...and quacks like a duck....

H. R. 1388, Read the full text of the bill

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