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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The International Baccalaureate Program Coming Soon to a School Near YOU!

The IB Programme....hmmm. A curriculum designed to create "global citizens"? Is this program anti-American? Does it's requirement to teach it's beliefs and values jive with those of America? Probably not. You decide. Below I am including links that show the positive side....from the IB Programme itself and another link to show opposition. I am also including links to organizations that the IB Programme encompasses, whether they admit it or not. They did publicly drop the endorsement of Earth Charter, but did they remove what Earth Charter stood for from the beliefs and values of the IB Programme?

My child's school has adopted the IB Programme and I am not happy. I feel it is an indoctrination of left wing liberalism and socialism. We are Christian and do not feel that that our children should be taught tolerance of Islam. Umm...remember..they ARE trying to kill us. That being said, I do believe people should treat everyone with respect....but I will never allow my children to be taught that Islam....or homosexuality is an acceptable way of life, and most certainly I would never allow my children to be taught this beginning in kindergarten. Who should decide what beliefs and values YOUR children are taught? Read the articles...and YOU decide.

The International Baccalaureate Programme

The International Baccalaureate Curriculum

The Truth about IB (International Baccalaureate)

Earth Charter

Ark of Hope

Please take the time to read the links above even if you don't have children. This program affects AMERICAN children who will someday lead our country. Someday comes sooner than you expect.


In trying to get the IB curriculum from our school...I am never given anything that lays out the IB curriculum. They are using the county curriculum which is liberal and progressive on its own. They define who heroes are to the students...Jimmy Carter, Cesar Chavez, FDR....etc. They do lean very far left...and socialism and social justice seem to be the greatest influence in all they do.

I am very unhappy with this....and I urge you to get your childrens social studies books...and science books and the curriculum and see for yourself what your children are being taught. It does not have to be an IB Programme for it to be liberal, socialist, progressive....and indoctrinating. Take responsibility for what your children are learning.


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    Please feel free to add our link to your site for everything you need to know about IB but were afraid to ask:


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  3. Hi Tammy
    There is a petition that has started to remove IB from our schools. This petition is on the White House website. www.wh.gov/gun