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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Iran All But Rejects Obama's Peace Video

For the first time ever....I want to say just how proud I am of Iran. They did not let me down.

The American people know they are a "Radical TERRORIST Regime"...but that is not what I am proud of. They are making Obama look like a FOOL with his attempts to extend the hand of peace to a terrorist government who envisions a world without The United States of America.

We the people had them figured out years ago. You attempt to have discussions with them and they stall while they are building their support of terrorist organizations or stall while they RUSH to complete nuclear weapons to use on the U.S.A and Israel. Any idiot can see the writing on the wall.

Obama may want to talk to them...but I doubt it will happen. America will not stand by while Obama apologizes to them for actions taken while they screamed Death to America and took Americans hostage.

I hope that if Obama continues his attempts to make nice nice with Iran...the American people speak out. Obama may not know this, but the American people know that you cannot negotiate with TERRORISTS.

Iran's Khamenei says Obama overture not enough

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