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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pelosi Thinks Immigration Laws are "un-American"

Nancy Pelosi has publicly stated that she thinks American immigration laws are "un-American". Okay...not surprising coming from her....but let's think about this for a minute.

Illegal Immigrants:

Take jobs from Americans

Americans are paying for their children to be educated. They are literally filling up our AMERICAN schools. This is causing an increase of teachers, and special programs to accommodate them. Yes, it creates teaching jobs...but don't forget WHO is paying for that. AMERICANS.

They are eating up our AMERICAN medical resources. I would love to find the statistics to show how many receive AMERICAN medicaid and how many utilize AMERICAN emergency rooms things like strep throat and never pay the bill. Americans foot the bill either way. Higher prices.

If the 12 million illegal immigrants in AMERICA were deported we would use much less of our natural resources such as water, electricity, natural gas, and gasoline.

So guess what, Nancy Pelosi? I have a plan. There is absolutely no reason to separate families. On this, we agree. Where we differ? DEPORT THE ENTIRE FAMILY! If one parent is here illegally....odds are the other is too. Their children who were born here cannot be legal citizens either, right? They were born here ILLEGALLY.

Pelosi's 'immigration laws un-American' draws reaction

The bottom line is they are breaking our immigration laws. They are destroying our country. They do not assimilate. They move into communities and destroy them which lowers property values. They have multiple children here and their children do not learn English until they enter the school system.

What I think is a crime....is that decent people wait in line for years to come to America. They want the American DREAM. When they come legally, they come, they work, they assimilate. I think it is un-American to overlook millions upon millions who have no regard for our laws......and yet make those who want to come legally wait forever. That is un-American, Pelosi. That is un-American.

Until Americans start raising their voice on this situation, it will not change. Wait...yes it will. They will all get amnesty.

Sorry....I have to say it. Nancy Pelosi, I think YOU are un-America.

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