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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stop Obama Or America Will Cease To Exist

It is very uplifting to see the video above. I cannot find a single thing on which I can disagree with Mr. Keyes.

America is bankrupt and yet just keeps printing money to bail out bankrupt banks. How can this happen?

Obama is pushing through his agenda at warp speed.

He DOES support letting babies born alive from failed abortions be set aside to die. How could any person...even a pro-choice supporter...agree to let a baby born alive die? In my opinion....it takes a monster to do something like that.

I question the eligibility of Obama to be President of the United States. I didn't for a good while...but the more he ducks the issue, the more I wonder what he has to hide. I also wonder why the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case so as to put the matter to rest. Why?

Mr. Keyes....I am with you. Have people gone mad?

Money we do not have...to fund projects that can wait. I encourage ALL of you reading this to click the link below, select a state and look at where our money is going. My state is building a pretty little bridge over a street so people don't have to use the crosswalks. Umm....great idea...but not right now.

Stimulus Watch: Keeping an Eye on Economic Recovery Spending

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