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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

US Cuts Arms, Russia orders Large-scale Rearmament

You know...if a plain Jane citizen like myself can see the writing on the wall....yet the government doesn't, you have to ask yourself what is going on here?

Where we are today, the very last thing we should be doing is cutting American arms. Few see Russia as the threat I seem to. We still have Radical Islam TERRORISTS out to destroy us, oh and lest we forget the other two sweeties....North Korea and Chavez. Wait...I forgot Iran. Remember them? They ONLY envision a world without us! Then there is China....whom we owe more money than one could ever imagine.

As long as we are a major military power we do not have to cower regardless of who or how much we owe. You cut our military by 25% and we are sitting damn ducks.

Medvedev orders large-scale Russian rearmament

Gates readies big cuts in weapons

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