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Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is Islam?

I want to first say, that I believe with all my heart and soul in religious freedom. I am a Christian, but....those who choose the wrong path do not answer to me...but to God. We will all answer to God. Even so, I still support your RIGHT to practice your faith as you wish so long as it does not hurt anyone or put American freedom at risk.

That being said....

I am having a problem with religions that have "religious police". Religion that hurts people is not a religion at all. In my Christian faith, we pray for those who sin. We don't set them on fire, whip them, throw acid in their faces, hang them, stone them, or cut their heads off. God never gave humans that right. Islam....well, some Radical Islamic folks kill their own flesh and blood for "honor". We support our families. We encourage them, we pray for them....and try to get them on the right path. We don't MURDER them.

Islam is making a profound movement across the globe. It is happening right here in the United States of America. I will not sit silently and allow this to happen. I will not sit silently while Muslims insist on Shariah Law in America. Never gonna happen.

This is America. People are free to practice their faith here. What they are not free to do is practice their faith in a way that puts our freedom in jeopardy. This is AMERICA. We are a melting pot of all people. Still, America is the land of the free....and NO religion will never ever take our rights to freedom away from us.

If they want Shariah Law....there are many other countries they might be more comfortable in. If they want to marry a SEVEN year old little girl...or marry off their SEVEN year old daughter...this is not the place to do it. You want to "circumcise" your daughters? Trust me. You let this hit the American media....and you will be forced out....right along with your peace loving religion. The mere fact that female circumcision is even DEBATED aomong Muslims is a sin in itself. At some point they will see the wrath of the Americans. Let me make it clear....it will not just be Christians...it will be all Americans...from ALL religions including those who are atheist.

Any religion that you cannot leave, is not a religion. It is a cult.

Many Muslims loudly protest that Islam is a peace loving religion which honors women. Well, I don't see that at all. In fact, what I see is a religion filled with hatred for women, and deep hatred for any religion but your own. I see a religion that wants to dominate the world....and kill the "infidels". They take no issue with killing innocent people for this very cause. We clearly have different Gods...but my God would never be happy with that. In fact, the very God of Abraham....says:

Thou Shalt Not Kill.

What part of that do they not understand?

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You show me the "peace" in this "loving" religion!

For a real eye opener into Radical Islam please visit the following website. I will tell you it is not for the squeamish...but it is a MUST read for every American Citizen.

Bare Naked Islam's Weblog

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