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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

America, Islam, Government, and H. R. 1444.....We are in big trouble.

I have not posted for a few days because so much was going on in the world...that I didn't know where to begin. I then realized the impact of everything taking place, not only in America, but in the world.

I sit sometimes and ask myself this could be happening? You know, my Mom died just over a year ago....and if I could talk to her one more time she would be in disbelief at the changes in just a year.

We have had a near total failure of the banking industry. Government has taken it over...even if they deny it. We have had a near total collapse of the auto industry. The government is taking over much of that....even if they deny it.

The government has taken steps to make national service mandatory for ALL citizens....which would include three years of service for young people. Please read H. R. 1444. Bear in mind that H. R. 1388 has already passed. That is the first part of the mandatory service bill. Why? Why must every citizen serve the government? Who is the government?

The government is working behind the scenes to take away our guns.....even if they deny it....that IS happening.

The government wants to decrease our military at a time when we need it the most. While we would never want to use them....the mere fact that we have HUNDREDS of nuclear bombs is a deterrant to rogue nations...no matter how you look at it.

The government is going to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Not to mention setting free on our soil, some who want to kill us.

The government is looking at how Sharia Law can work in America. Obviously, they have their heads up their ass because one only needs to look at Europe and see that assimilation of radical Muslims does not work. Some will never be happy with life in America until Sharia Law is the law of the land. Remember, under Sharia Law, women can be murdered by the government for having a boyfriend.....and even for being raped. When a Muslim woman is raped, she can be stoned to death unless she can find three MALE witnesses to say it was rape. A Muslim woman who is raped has dishonored her family. Brutal. Inhumane. Sharia Law.

The government is actively seeking Muslims to fill posts at the white house. Hmm.....what is going on here?

The government is spending TRILLIONS of dollars to increase a busted economy. So far, it appears to me that most of the jobs it would create.....would be working for the government. Sound a little socialist....or communist....or Hitler like to you? Much the same way mandatory national service sounds to me. Hitler like?

The government is going to take control of health care too. You can bet on it. You will no longer be in control of the medical options for your treatment. You won't have options. Get the picture?

The government is making it so that all Dr's. will have no choice but to perform treatments on patients that go against their moral and religious beliefs. See....the Dr. will have no options either. There will be no contract between you and your Dr. to perform medical treatment you choose for yourself. The government will tell the Dr. what is best for YOU. You have no choice, nor does your Dr. You will both be the property of the government.

We are in trouble, folks. We are in big trouble.

Obama is going to push through his socialist agenda before the next election. He is getting everything he wants so far....and it will not stop unless the next election takes care of that.

ACORN at the wheel of the census could change things even more. The White House is taking control of the census which can.....and you can assume will change all the districts giving the Socialists..I mean the Communists.....I mean Democrats the lead in every election to come.

We are seeing devastating riots and protests in England. People are standing up for freedom and holding the government responsible for the economic mess we are in world wide. How long before the riots are here? We would like to think it will not happen....but the reality is....Americans are just as unhappy as the Brits.

For a very clear picture of the Islamic issue facing America today, please read Inside the Revolution by Joel Rosenberg. If that does not open your eyes, or scare the hell out of you....then you must be a radical Muslim.

Be prepared. It is going to get worse.

It all boils down to GOVERNMENT!


  1. Hi, i was reading your post, and it seems that you have been misinformed of what shariah law is. In shariah everyone is onnocent until guilty meaning until you find four witnesses that see the act of adultery (without a doubt) then the punishment is carried out. People around the world carry out acts which they claim to be "sharia" but they are not. What happens in Iran, Saudi Arabia and what not are not shariah "compliant".
    thank you

  2. But a woman who is raped must have four MALE witnesses saying it was rape...or she is guilty. I am not misinformed.....trust me. Sharia law has no business in America. If people must have Sharia law....there are plenty of of other countries where it can be found.

  3. Oh and the punishment? For adultery? Stoned to death or hung? No thanks, not in America.