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Friday, April 3, 2009

An American Embarrassment in London, President of the United States Bows to Muslim King of Saudi Arabia

The President of The United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, bows to the King of Saudi Arabia. Ok...let's look closer at this.

According to Miss Manners, bowing to a foreign monarch shows that you recognize the power they have over you.

Did President Bush ever bow to him? I think not.

Now let's look closer at Saudi Arabia. Women are the PROPERTY of their husbands. Men can beat their wives. Women cannot drive, nor even leave home without the permission of their husbands. How many of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia? Google it.

I want to make something very clear. The fact that Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, speaks only for himself. Not for me. I would not bow to him for all the oil in the world...or all the money. I find it interesting that our First Lady was absent from that little event. Oh that's right...women are not to mingle with men. There were other women present...but again it appears that he followed the Muslim culture.

Is there some meaning to this? Could it be that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer? Or wait...could he be.....is it possible...he is Muslim himself?

What is next? Is he going to face Mecca during the American national anthem.

When is America going to wake up? We have a big problem and he is in the white house.

Obama Bows to Saudi King

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