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Thursday, April 16, 2009

S.729, The Dream Act

You know...I just blog my heart out on here. I am not a politician, I am just a Mom concerned about the direction our country is heading. I am concerned about all the "criteria" that would make me suspect of being a right-wing extremist.

I worry about illegal immigration and what the boneheads in Washington are doing. How can they even consider discussing any form of immigration reform before they have closed the borders?

Let me make this clear (you know Obama says that all the time), if you start DISCUSSING giving the VAST MAJORITY of illegal aliens a path to citizenship before you secure the borders....you are inviting a HUGE number of illegals to SURGE the borders and cash in on the "American Dream" illegally.

Even more disturbing is the requirement of either a two year degree or military service. Umm...excuse me? You are going to put people into the military of the United States of America without them being citizens? You have no idea where their TRUE loyalty lies...and you are going to trust them to defend the very nation of which they have entered illegally?

The bill states they must have been living here for five years? How do you plan to verify this? Will they have to produce all of the stolen social security numbers they have used to steal jobs from Americans?

Since we are not going to close the borders first, maybe we could use Pelosi's private Air Force jet to just go pick them all up. Woudn't want them to walk through the desert to get here illegally, now would we? Gee...then let's just give them food stamps, free medical care, free education, free or reduced rate housing and what is left of American jobs.

They are stealing it from us anyway.

DREAM Act Coming Up Again

Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2007


  1. If you would have taken the time to read the S 729 bill carefully, you would have realized that it is not aimed at all illegal immigrants, but to teenagers and young adults, who "(D) has been admitted to an institution of higher education in the United States, or has earned a high school diploma or obtained a general education development certificate in the United State".
    This is the criteria used to prove the applicants were in the US for no less than 5 years.
    What threat does a child who arrived in US, not because he/she decided so, but because his/her parents dragged him/her over the border, poses to your security? That child is as Americans as your children are, because he/she attended school her and had his/her character shaped here. They were exposed to the American culture and know little about their country’s lifestyle and culture. So why not give them the damn rights? What costs you to support it? If you kids would have been borne over in Mexico, wouldn’t you want them to have a better future? Wouldn’t you have risked your life to cross over and work for their well-being?

  2. Raluca, they are here illegally. Time does not right a wrong. It is not the childs fault, I agree, but it is not mine either. The law is the law. What costs me? You come live in my neighborhood. Few speak English or want to learn it. My grandchildren are born to a legal Mexican immigrant....who fathered three children with my daughter and left her because she was so busy with three kids, two in diapers, that he became jealous. What did he do? He left them and immedialtey fathered two more children before he and my daughter were even divorced (with an illegal immigrant, I might add). Now there are FIVE children receiving gov't assistance. Luckily, my three grandbabies won't be on it long...because my daughter just graduated from a medical program. Yes, he was a fine contributor to our society.....welfare. His other two will receive medicaid, food stamps....and more until they are grown. Oh and his other two children, born right here in the USA do not even speak English. So you ask me what it costs me? A whole damn lot.

    No, Raluca, I would not have drug my children across a border illegally. They should never have to suffer sad consequenses because I chose to break the law.

    We are a sovereign nation with laws. You pay a price for breaking the law.

  3. In my point of view, a good parent doesnt really think about laws when it comes to their childrens well being, safety or future. you do what you do to make their lives a lil' easier. Plus, comming from a country where laws arent enforced much, these people dont really know the consequences of law breaking. all they know is that they want a better future for their childrent or maybe even themselfs. Tammy if you had just one child, and you were struggling to get food on the table, etc. etc... but had to wait in line to better YOUR childs present and future. would u wait? even if its 10 yrs.? i bet not! im sure you will do the impossible to get your child what he/she needs NOW. point is, US immigration laws are so flawed. and this dream act will impact the US in a good way. you said it yourself, these children did not break the law and that its not their fault. then you go to say, "but its not mine either." what do you mean, your fault either in what way? most of these students, many of which i know, dont want finacial aid. they actually are trying to get into college or are going and paying it themselves. like i said they dont want finacial aid. they just want to be part of this great nation. immagine, growing up in a place when you were young. as you get older ppl change, you change. except you are forced to stay in the same place you are. your secluded from society, as if your not wanted but yet, feel as if you were always a part of it. you contribute, you break no laws, your a good brother/sister, friend, student. then we have ppl who judge and point the finger like yourself! i really dont believe you understand where these ppl are comming from nor do you understand how they feel and have been feeling, for you have never been through what they been through. im only speaking of the children, not their parents! im sure you wouldnt want ppl pointing the finger are your children. telling them they dont belong, judging and trying to decided what their future should be like when you dont even know them one bit. if you and your husband stole something in the past, got in trouble by the law, im sure you wouldnt think is common sense for your children to pay for both your actions and suffer for the rest of their lifes. just think about it next time you begin to judge ppl

  4. The law is the law. Our country is in shambles because of illegal immigration. If so many people were not coming here illegally...then we could allow more in the way the law states.

    What you are not getting is the law is the law...and we have these laws for a reason.

    I am not a heartless person. I have FOUR children and I struggle to put food on the table for them day after day. I cannot find a job in my area...because all the illegals take them for lower wages.

    I do have sympathy for them....but you know...when they entered this country illegally they subjected their family to the consequenses.