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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thoughts on Michael Jackson

Looking back through the years of Michael Jackson, commonly referred to as Whacko-Jacko, I feel sad.

I have never attended one of his concerts, nor even purchased one of his hits. Still, there was always a place in my heart for this seemingly sad man. The media never missed an opportunity to bash him. He remained very famous despite this, as you can tell from his upcoming 50 concerts selling out almost immediately.

There was something magical about him...and childlike. I never believed for a moment that he abused any children. I am not sure why I feel that way. If you knew me, you would think I would feel totally the opposite. Gut instinct? I am not sure what it is...but I never pre-judged him. I saw the situation as it was...and I believe to this very moment he was innocent.

In my opinion, he was searching for normalcy and love. Those around him only wanted what they could get from him....money and their 15 minutes of fame.

Take a look at his life. He was thrust into the limelight by his father at FIVE years old. Michael said himself he was abused and felt he was his father's "golden child". He is probably right. Who benefited the most from his childhood fame? Who lost the most? Money cannot replace childhood.

Hundreds, if not, thousands of children visited his Neverland Ranch. How many accused him of abuse? Could it have been a money hungry parent? I suspect that is the case. One can argue he settled the case. He did. If you have that fame and fortune....sometimes you have to make things go away even if you are innocent because it costs less in the long run. If he did not settle it and was found innocent, who would reimburse his legal fees or the cost to his reputation? Certainly, not the ones accusing him. He would have lost every penny he paid on the settlement and much more all on a greedy accusation. Many celebrities settle things because it is less expensive in many ways in the long run.

He loved children. He loved childhood. He never had one.

By all accounts, it would appear that he did a WONDERFUL job raising his own children. He was accused of being a freak for covering their faces in public. I would have done the same thing. The biggest target besides Michael himself, would have been his children. What I saw was a protective father. Good for him....even better for his children.

Paris, Prince, and Blanket, if there is any one thing I could say to you as a complete stranger who followed your fathers career...it is that it was obvious your father loved you more than life itself. You were wanted...and loved. I so badly wanted to hug you today, Paris. Just a Mom hugging a very hurt little girl. Death is hard enough for adults. I am sorry, so so sorry, you and your brothers had to lose your Daddy so young.

Michael lived a very sad and tragic life that most of us could never begin to imagine. The pain of his fame could not be solved by money. His lost childhood could never be returned to him at for any amount of money. Despite his pain, he was very talented, creative.....an icon in his career. There will never be another Michael Jackson. Still, if he were here today I bet he would have opted out of his career at his first opportunity. The prison it made for him was not worth his fame and fortune. The world would have missed a lot, if that were the case. God gave him that talent for a reason. We just don't understand that reason now and in many ways we were blessed to have had him as he was. His music touched many lives, charities benefited from the spirit of his heart and he ultimately lost his life because of his fame.

Michael, as you sleep in Jesus, I hope you have found the peace you so desperately needed and deserved. I am just sad it took you from your children....and your loved ones. The ones who truly loved YOU.

May you rest in peace and I look forward to meeting you when Jesus returns to wake the sleeping.

Go rest high on that mountain, Michael, your work here on earth is done....go to heaven a shouting, love for the Father and the Son.....

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