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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yes, You Can Keep Your Health Insurance....But....

Well, Obama was true to his word. You CAN keep your coverage. Just don't ever lose it because no private health insurance provider will be able to enroll any new individual into their plans after ObamaCare goes into effect. Essentially, if you lose that coverage, you will be forced to move to the public option...ObamaCare.

Inevitably, all private insurance companies will be forced out of business. Read it for yourself.

H.R. 3200
America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

Page 16

Lines 3-16
4 ERAGE DEFINED.—Subject to the succeeding provisions of
5 this section, for purposes of establishing acceptable cov-
6 erage under this division, the term ‘‘grandfathered health
7 insurance coverage’’ means individual health insurance
8 coverage that is offered and in force and effect before the
9 first day of Y1 if the following conditions are met:

11 (A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in
12 this paragraph, the individual health insurance
13 issuer offering such coverage does not enroll
14 any individual in such coverage if the first
15 effective date of coverage is on or after the first
16 day of Year 1.

17 (B) DEPEN

There is a radical agenda at work here. I, for one, resent being told partial truths. Had I not read this for myself, I would not have believed it based on Obama's promise. You call this transparency? I call it his radical agenda to take our country in a direction that would turn our founding fathers over in their graves. Healthcare is just the beginning.

How can you have a government that provides a competitive option for health insurance when the government controls the competition?

I have a feeling this will pass BEFORE they break in August despite their saying it will be in September. Wanna bet?

Please read the bill for your self...at least the section I have quoted here.


  1. Do you have any idea what the term "grandfathered" means? Would you expect that somebody would be allowed to join a grandfathered plan (which, by definition, is a plan treated specially because it existed before the bill took effect) after the bill took effect?

    Did the title of the section not tip you off to the fact that it was defining the meaning of grandfathered health insurance coverage so that it can be used in the rest of the bill, rather than acting as a blanket definition of all health insurance? Used in the rest of the bill as a special type of insurance plan that could not be joined, as opposed to the normal type of insurance plan that could be joined?

    I mean...come on. That text is in the second section of the bill. I know that some lawmakers are lazy, but you really think they're going to miss the text in the second section of the bill that puts every insurance company in the country out of business? You think Obama's master plan for fooling the country involved bankrupting the insurance industry in plain text in the second paragraph of a 1000+ page bill? The only sneakier thing would have been to subtly title the bill, "Obama's plan to secretly bankrupt the health insurance industry."

    In 8 years when Obama has finished his service and the US hasn't imploded, I hope you can shake your irrational fear of liberals. Nobody is trying to do crazily self-destructive things like let terrorists destroy America or bankrupt the insurance industry. Everyone wants this counry to succeed. They're just going about it in different ways. You may not agree with the methodology, but that don't demonize the other side as a bunch of liars (or worse).

  2. Why is Obama not saying that it is a grandfathered clause? Seems to only be giving PART of the story. He is only telling people they can keep their health insurance. Don't you agree?

  3. To me, there's not a lot of difference between saying, "You can keep your health insurance," and "the health care plan you have now will be grandfathered in". They both mean the same thing, don't they?

    The way I read the text, it just means that the plan you have right now is fine as-is, but any plan you join after the Obama plan goes into effect is subject to the terms and regulations of the Obama plan. So, for instance, the bill caps the amount insurance companies can increase your premiums year-to-year. Your existing plan wouldn't be subject to those rules, but once the rules go into effect nobody can join that plan.

    Note, that doesn't mean the insurance company can't offer other plans. It just means that specific plan can't be joined. It's just a way to bind insurance companies to new regulations without forcing them to rework all of their existing plans and presumably renegotiate with all of the employers who are already using them.

    I don't think the goal here is deception. I think it's just a necessary legality to keep the system from going into chaos when the changes take place...

  4. Don't you get it? The FEDERAL government is manadating we all carry insurance that they prescribe. If not, we are fined. The federal government has no business taking over health care regulations....the auto industry...the banking industry....etc.

    Why don't you see that?

  5. Obama came into office with one agenda. He wants to be the one world ruler. Henry Kissinger has already stated that, "Obama has been primed and prepared to take us into the One World Order."

    He is setting out to bankrupt our country and take over all industries so that government runs everything and we become a socialist country. Read the headlines, dig into the facts, it's all there to see.