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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Congress Above Healthcare Reform for Themselves?

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Imagine for a minute that you are hosting a dinner for your employees. It is mandatory that they attend. Would you feed yourself and your management team lobster and then serve the workers vienna sausage?

This is what congress is trying to do to us with H.R.3200 - America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 more commonly known as Healthcare Reform or Obamacare. It will be mandatory and we cannot opt out. Yet, congress finds the public option beneath them. Congressman John Fleming(R-LA) has introduced a resolution asking all of congress who votes for Healthcare Reform to sign up for it themselves. As of now, there are 69 GOP signatures from Congress and ZERO from the Democrats. Not ONE!

Looking at the diagram above, could this be why?

Let's put this into perspective. It is good enough for us, but not for them. That is a huge statement and should draw pause from every single American.

Healthcare Reform puts our healthcare into the hands of the federal government. A government that is in debt up to its ears. Medicare is broke. Medicaid is broke. Social Security is broke. The Post Office is broke. America is broke.

America has a debt limit of 12.1 trillion dollars. Currently, we stand at 11.7 trillion ($11,700,000,000,000) in debt. Estimates show that by October we will have reached the debt limit of 12.1 trillion. Today, Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner is requesting that the debt limit for America be raised! RAISED! This will give congress the opportunity to continue spending and we have not even added the medical care of every citizen in this country.

I ask you, if you will, to momentarily put aside the fact that Healthcare Reform will fundamentally CHANGE America.

Now, the feds want to take over the entire healthcare industry in America. A country who is broke..wants to take over our healthcare from pre-birth until death. Whether you are a liberal or conservative, I have to ask you, would you sign up for Blue Cross if they were bankrupt? What happens when the money runs out? How will they cover the healthcare of over 300 million Americans? It is time to WAKE UP, America! Public options have been tried in Massachusetts and Tennessee. It does not work. The cost of the programs were seriously understimated. We simply cannot afford or allow a government takeover of the healthcare industry. Look at the U.K and Canada where you can wait months for an MRI or months to see your ASSIGNED primary care physician. The elderly receive rationed care. Do we really want this to happen in America?

Interesting, despite all the legitimate reasons for opposing Healthcare Reform, some elected officials have called those opposing the bill un-American, racist, mobsters and even insinuated we were Nazi's. They claim they are all paid protesters...based on the way the protesters dress. Apparently, those who disagree with Healthcare Reform dress to well. Elected officals at town hall meetings are treating Americans who oppose Healthcare Reform with complete disrespect. The President of The United States of America told those who disagree to shut up?

Here is a very important question for you. What happens when a government quits listening to their citizens?

Backing up a bit, Healthcare Reform will fundamentally change America. Government is getting bigger. People get smaller. Even without this bill, this is happening in America today. The federal government has taken large stakes in the auto industry and the banking industry. Now they want the healthcare industry. One of the most fundamental industries in America. I believe my healthcare is a very private matter. The government has no business in the private affairs of my life or the life of any citizen in this country. The intrusion into the personal lives of Americans is a violation of our rights.

What right does the government have to mandate and provide end of life counseling for seniors. I discuss issue like this with my family, not the government. I consider this an intrusion into my life by the federal government.
What kind of government controls the personal lives of its citizens?

Think about it and then read the bill at www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3200/show

If this bill passes, I hope you like vienna sausage.


  1. And if you don't like vienna sausage you are going to be up the creek without a paddle!!