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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Does it All Mean?

Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. He is keeping true to his word. My country is changing right before my eyes.

Congress is no longer reading the bills they are not writing. In fact, bills are being written by leftist organizations, not congress. Our White House has admitted radicals, socialists and communists advising the President.

Today a left leaning state passed a bill imposing a fine of $1000.00 per day and 30 days in jail for not taking the swine flu vaccine when they tell you to.

There is a massive undertaking in America for silencing dissent. The government is attacking those who disagree. What is next? Will we be jailed? A year ago that would have sounded far fetched. It is not so far fetched today.

The government has infiltrated the auto industry, the banking industry, and now wants to take over our health care in a manner that gives the American citizen no choice.

We are losing freedoms right before our eyes and people just do not get it. We ARE undergoing a fundamental transformation and it is not a pretty one.

This sort of thing happens in other countries, right? You know, like North Korea or Venezuela? Sure it does and now it is happening right here in America, The United States of America. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

The Diversity Czar is opposed to any private ownership of media. Did you get that? Let me rephrase it:

The Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd, is a proponent of all media being owned and operated by the GOVERNMENT! No more conservative or Christian talk radio. Why is the press not reporting on this? Where is the outrage?

Citizens fall for it because it comes packed all pretty with words like diversity and community. I promise you there is nothing pretty about this man and what he wants to do. Nothing, nada.....ZIP!

I guess next all radio broadcasting songs hailing our all mighty leader. There will be statues of our almighty leader in every square....his face will adorn the side every building in the country.

Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea is here people, right here in The United States of America. What kind of fundamental transformation do you think they had in mind? The most fundamental part of our country, the very core....is FREEDOM!

Do you get the picture?


  1. What is it that makes you say Congress isn't reading bills anymore, and what does that have to do with the Obama administration? You have been citing the bill for weeks--what has Obama done to cause Congress not to read the bill that you are able to read?

    How is the Obama administration silencing dissent in any way that goes beyond what the Bush administration did? Anyone expressing an opinion opposing Bush post-9/11 was consistently implied to be a traitor committing an act of treason. What's new now that is worse? Is it the whole "fishy healthcare website" thing? Is that more frightening than unlimited wiretapping with no oversight?

    The government bailouts of the financial industry occurred under the Bush administration, not the Obama administration. You can ding Obama for the auto industry and health care if you want, but again, this isn't new. This was already happening. You can hardly single out Obama or suggest that he is changing America in some way that Bush didn't.

    As for Mark Lloyd, I had never heard of him so I searched around for him. After reading a series of vague, frightening statements like yours above without any real specifics, I found the actual report that the conservative talk show hosts are trying to use to make him look like a fascist. I would encourage you to read it here.

    You might not like what it says, but it does not say that there should be no privately owned radio stations. It says that there should be a limit on the amount of any given market that individual company controls, and that radio stations should have to have some amount of local programming. You may disagree with those points on their merits, but I don't see the need to characterize them as something they're not.

    I tried finding the law that passed regarding the Swine flu but again, I just got one vague, alarmist post on some other blog.

    I really find it alarming to see how alarmed you are. You say you're not a conspiracy theorist, but everything you talk about is pointing to some massive, massive conspiracy on behalf of liberals, the only point of which seems to be "to ruin America". Why would I (or Obama, or any other liberal) want to ruin America just for the sake of ruining America? What do I stand to gain by turning the country into the failed Soviet Union? How would state-run radio benefit me? How does Obama benefit by very, very slowly restricting the rights of Americans? At this rate, by the time this is a dictatorship, he'll be long out of office.

    This is what I don't understand. There just seems to be this ongoing hysteria that is founded completely in the idea that a liberal is this beast that thirsts for the destruction of the country of which he or she is a citizen. Put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself, why would I want to do that? I think you'll find that most people in this world will generally work toward their own self interests, so if you can't identify a benefit to anyone, it's probably not what you're being told it is.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF2C235fD7o

    Yes, it is from Glenn Beck...but watch the clip he shows of Mark Lloyd. Then next week go to Beck's website and review what he had on the show this week. All can be verified. Beck is considered an alarmist...but I will tell you this....he backs up everything he says. Example....Van Jones (appointed as a czar by Obama) was a co-founder of Apollo Alliance. Check out who the other co-founder is...and what else he co-founded and with whom he did that. Apollo Alliance is writing bills for congress. Go ahead..check it out. Then ask yourself why these people are in leadership positions in our country.

    What did Hugo Chavez have to benefit in Venezuela?

    You can call Glenn Beck whatever you want...if you so choose...but watch the show. He says nothing that cannot be verified. I watch that show...and others..some on Liberal stations. I verify what I see. I connect my own dots and what this administration is doing is not American. Our country has a constitution which gives Americans certain rights. I see a trampling of those rights.

    What alarms me..is that you do not find the people advising the President...admitted communists, socialists and radicals....alarming.

    How you cannot see that something is not right...is really quite scary.

    I guess you will be joining the civilian corps?

  3. I almost forgot the article on the swine flu law.


  4. Not sure what the civilian corps are, but assuming they're something that Glenn Beck is telling you about, I'm guessing I'm not interested.

    Glenn Beck can be factually accurate in that he shows a clip that actually occurred. Where he goes wrong is that he stretches words a little or draws conclusions that make everything thing a little (or a lot) more sinister than they actually are.

    Take that Mark Lloyd video, for instance. I'm surprised that Beck actually showed the first half of it, because the talk about Rwanda makes it clear what Lloyd is talking about--the power of the media. Rwanda's media, he says, greatly contributed to the atmosphere in which people carried out genocide.

    Then he talks about Chavez. The one word that makes that portion sound sinister is "incredible". But something can be incredible and not be good. The point being, here Chavez carries out this remarkable and unlikely revolution, but he didn't control the media and the media led to an uprising. He didn't realize the power of the media. The whole point is not that Chavez is great and his revolution was awesome. The point is, the media is something to be taken seriously. It has real impact.

    What did Chavez have to gain? Power. Chavez led a revolution. It's one thing to make a big power grab all at once. It's another to serve as an elected president and supposedly very slowly take away people's rights. In one instance, you get to be dictator. In the other, you take away everyone's rights for a while, and when you're done you become one of those people whose rights you have taken away. Two very different scenarios.

    As far as the Apollo Alliance's co-founders, so far I have located Jones, Dan Carol, and Ed Murphy. I'm sure you don't agree with their politics (although Murphy, in particular, has a pretty impressive resume), but I'm assuming you were expecting me to find some big smoking gun and I'm not sure what you're getting at.

    And Apollo alliance did not write any legislation. They wrote a report about what they thought should be in the legislation and some of it got put in. That is not writing legislation, and saying they are "writing bills for Congress" is stretching words in a way that is dishonest and meant to scare people.

  5. H.R. 1444.

    I am sorry, yes very sorry, you do not see what is happening. Actually, it is more than being sorry, it is alarming, as you say.

    See ya in the bread line.

  6. "Not sure what the civilian corps are, but assuming they're something that Glenn Beck is telling you about, I'm guessing I'm not interested."

    No Glenn Beck did not tell me. Obama made it part of his campaign speeches. True to his word he is going to get it done, too. The first bill was H.R. 1388 and many people got angry because it was mandatory so they removed that tiny little part and moved it to a new bill, H.R. 1444.

    Since then he has given BILLIONS to Americorps. It is obvious that will be the civilian corps. Trust me, H.R. 1444 will slide silently through the house attached to another bill that is not read and will pass.

    Remember that so when it happens you can Tammy told me so.

    Oh and did I mention the bills have an entire section on seniors volunteering.

    My question is....how can it be volunteering if it is MANDATORY?

    Hey, Andrew...maybe we will be in the same unit!

  7. Jeff Jones and Bill Ayers were among the co-founders of the Weather Underground.


    You can also do research yourself on this...do not take wikipedia as the final word.

    I have a feeling no matter what I show you, you are going to refuse to believe it.

  8. I challenge all my liberal readers to check out Glenn Beck's recap of his shows this week. Do not attack HIM....just try to prove what he says is not true.

    Keep in mind....that the ONLY thing the White House called him on this week....was using the word Czar. They told him they were special advisors. Actually, I think that was just in reference to one person....

    Just open your mind.....and read what he has to say. Do not attack GLENN BECK....just try to prove what he says is not true using credible sources...which does not include Wikipedia or any government site other than for comfirmation of a persons current role in government.


    Go ahead.....I truly believe you will be shocked.

  9. So let's take the Van Jones thing. Did he say he was a communist? Yes, decades ago. And since then he has written books supporting capitalism and is pushing a very capitalist green energy agenda. So yeah. Some people say things when they're young and then change their minds. Using that, despite the fact that the guy is clearly a capitalist now and has been so for a long time in a very public way, seems a little dishonest, doesn't it?

    Now look at the clip the Beck sites in this recap site:

    VAN JONES, GREEN JOBS 'CZAR': We want a green economy that is strong enough to lift people out of poverty. We're not leaving anybody behind. We don't want an eco-elite economy.

    We're talking about people that don't have a home. How do they get to be part of this green economy?

    What good is a green economy if at the end of the day, it's just eco-apartheid anyway?

    And here's Beck's response:

    Which is it: We need green jobs because the Earth has a temperature (like Al Gore said) or we need green jobs for social justice?

    By the way, that's Marxist code language. Social justice equals "take from him and give to him."


    Did you see that little slight of hand? Beck takes something Jones didn't say ("social justice"), implies that he said it, and then talks about how it's Marxist code. He never said it!

    And I'm sorry, but how is trying to create jobs for people in poverty now Marxist or socialist or communist? He's talking about CREATING JOBS. Jobs in a capitalist economy, supporting American businesses through American labor. This is now somehow un-American? This is proof that the guy is a communist? If a communist wants to support our capitalist economy and create good jobs for people who have none, why do I care that he is a communist?

    This is how it works with Glenn Beck and people like him. Use some factually accurate but still misleading statements along with some innuendo to support some vague conspiracy theory and pit half of the nation against the other half (presumably for ratings and profit). The beauty of it is that it's a bunch of information that the news doesn't cover because it's obscure and, in this case, 30 years old. So when you google it, you find pages worth of blogs who reinforce the argument because they all got their information from the same place--Glenn Beck.

    This is as far as I can go right now with that site. I don't have time to chase down everything he has said for a week. But I think this serves as a good example of how this show works.

    And by the way, just in case you're thinking wikipedia is a government site...it isn't. Anybody can post on wikipedia. It is policed by the community as a whole. You could go post there if you wanted (though it might get edited out if people thought it was factually inaccurate).

  10. Show me where I said Wikipedia is a government blog? I totally understand what it is.

    Tell me....who did Van Jones name his child after? How old is his child?

    You are so closed minded you won't even go look at Glenn's website.

    Don't you worry honey....When you finally WAKE UP.....you will thank people like me who did not have their head in the sand.

  11. Um, here's the Massachusetts bill that's mentioned in this post and the previous post:


    As an aside, I don't know if "waking up" is what any of us need to do. We happen to see things differently. Doesn't mean my head is in the sand. Doesn't make any of us less American.

    I am saddened, though, that you hate the left-wing liberals because I am one of them. And we've never met and hating people takes energy. And we should all try to get along even if we believe differently. It's too bad we can't all just get along. At the very least, when we're standing in those bread lines we could be friendly.

  12. When freedom is taken away, then there is a need to wake up. I have no problem being quarantined in my home for refusing the shot, but to place me in any form of detention? I think not.

    As for hating the left wing liberals, I despise what they are doing to our country. It is not the governments job to take care of people. We are to have personal responsiblity. When my rights are being taken away to make everyone else have more...I have a real problem with that. Remember a government big enough to give everyone what they need, is big enough to take it away.

    Our country is heading into socialism. And until something directly affects socialistic liberals, they will not see how it is not such a pretty picture. Right now they see everything packaged pretty as community, and diversity and change......but once you open that package it is not a pretty picture.

    I believe the vaccine program is what might enlighten a lot of people. It is not yet mandatory, but it may well be by mid October. Let's just see how that goes.

    There are liberals...and there are socialistic liberals.

  13. I haven't gone back to check but did you post against things like the Patriot Act when it was pushed through Congress? Do you generally think all things Republicans do are great and all things Democrats do are bad? For me, I think both sides tend to muck it up quite a bit. Both sides tend to be reactionary and short sighted when it comes to crafting legislation, and that's probably a result of them being fearful of being ousted from their positions in the event they actually try to do something that is good for society.

    I'd rather government help out those less fortunate than help out large corporations who use lobbyists and boatloads of money to affect change.

    We do need personal responsibility but we also need compassion. I'm all for community outreach programs to assist the less fortunate. My tax dollars help support those programs. Heck, since Bush, now even religious organizations can get tax dollars that will then be funneled to the needy. And my tax dollars help support that as well. I see nothing wrong with tax dollars going directly to the people who need it. Probably my favorite program is WIC - super controlled but very effective in ensuring pregnant women and babies get what the nutrition they need.

    If I heard correctly toward the end of the clip in the previous post, the vaccine deal is just in Massachusetts and while it has passed the Senate, it has yet to go through and pass the House. It has passed the Senate many times but never gotten through the House before.

  14. I was not in favor of the patriot act. Not even a little. I agree...WIC and other programs are great. They, however, do not take way my choice....my free will. Healthcare reform does. No matter how you look at it...it will lead to a single payer program within ten years. I am against that.

    Community outreach is great. Reform Medicare and Medicaid and offer it for a fee. Just leave the rest of the industry alone.

    For the record, the majority of the Republicans are as bad as the Democrats.

    Obama bought 50k worth of stock in Baxter in 2005. Oddly enough, they are the ones making the swine flu vaccine that the GOVERNMENT is paying for in mass quantities. Yep...there was Haliburton, too. So I do believe that a large number of politicians are crooks.

    The WHO has recommended mandatory vaccinations for 192 countries. Once the vaccine is ready here, wanna bet it is mandatory nationwide?

    That vaccine was rushed through. The makers, BAXTER, cannot be sued for any ill effects it causes on people and they even went so far as to protect the actual people administering the vaccine. Don't you find that a little odd. Mandatory and you have no recourse whatsoever if it causes you harm. None.

    I am not a Republican. I am an Independent. I would never vote party line just because of a party.

    I believe in Freedom.

    Compassion comes from people....not the government.

  15. Andrew....Van Jones was part of STORM and one of the writers of the following document just about five years ago.


    I would be interested in knowing what parts of this you agree with.

  16. Oh...Van was more than just a part of STORM...he was a leader.