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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is REALLY going on here?

I have reflected a lot recently about the big picture. We are seeing Cap and Trade(H.R. 2454), Health Care Reform (H.R. 3200), and the Civil Service Act (H.R. 1444) to name a few. All of these are very intrusive into the PRIVATE lives of American citizens.

The governement has infiltrated private industry taking ownership in the auto industry and banking industry. Healthcare Reform would give ownership of our health care to the government and whether or not they will admit it, control over the healthcare and lives of Americans.

Cap and Trade infiltrates the utility companies which will result in a huge increase in the utility bills of Americans and probably control over the amount of electricity we can use. Some say as much as $3000.00 per household, per year. That boils down to $250.00 per month, per household. This when they are paving the road to requiring all electric cars in America. How can they do that when even without them we will have HUGE utlity bills, and soon a cap on how much electricity we can use. Remember Obama dreamed of a day when all Americans would have smart meters installed at their homes. That has become a reality for our family. Just remember this, smart meters can be used to limit the amount of electricity I use. So...do I cook dinner and do some laundry for my family or charge my car so I can go to work the next day....all the while paying approximately 50% more for electricity than we do now. You tell me.

Healthcare Reform...no matter what they say, takes away our right to privacy and interferes in my (and yours) medical care which should be solely between myself and my physician. It adovacates death over long term treatment for terminal illness and limits treatment for the elderly. It even MANDATES the type of coverage you must have and how much you can afford to pay. If you do not purchase this insurance, you will be FINED!

Oh, and I forgot about Obama's Black Widow. Better read this one. Barack Obama will be in charge of the biggest domestic and international spying operation in history.

I might remind you that Medicare is broke. Medicaid is broke. The United States Postal Service is going bankrupt and now they want to take over healthcare in America.

The Civil Service act could require ALL Americans to "volunteer", and a portion of the population would have to serve for an extended period of time as the military does. No choice...mandatory. Even seniors could be required to serve in some manner.

In Oregon they tested the use of a GPS installed on cars to charge us for the amount of miles you drive. Then when you go to buy gas, your GPS will add the tax to your gas purchase. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore. is now calling for this in every car in America. Do you really want a government installed GPS unit to monitor your travels?

American healthcare workers with religious convictions regarding abortions could lose the right to opt out of assisting with abortion procedures. They could be forced to assist and if they don't.....then what? This will lead to many excellent physicians leaving the medical field, including my own.

I see where Americans will be paying huge taxes..income, sales tax..etc. They are talking about adding a tax to carbonated beverages such as Coke or Pepsi, and tax on video games because they are not good for you. I even heard about a possible tax on toilet paper in the name of climate change as stated in the "Water Protection and Reinvestment Act,” (H.R.3202).

Is this really about the people? I don't think so. I think it is about POWER! POWER and CONTROL over the lives of American Citizens!

I also see an nasty change in the attitude of the Obama Administration. It is getting very ugly. Conservative Americans have been called right wing extremists, low level terrorists and more recently, angry mobsters and today Nancy Pelosi insinuated we are nazis. This was described by a leading psychologist on Fox News as Character Warfare. It is part of a plan by the Democrats to "dehumanize" conservative Americans. The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, called conservative protests as fake or manufactured. "Manufactured anger"? That's rich, coming from the party who supports and benefitted from ACORN's manufactured votes.

As if that is not enough, The Obama administration has gone so far that they have asked people to report TO THE WHITE HOUSE, people, emails and websites that disagree with Healthcare Reform. They refer to it as "disinformation" which means "the act of intentionally spreading false rumors". So if you disagree with Healthcare Reform you better keep it to yourself, lest you find yourself guilty of disinformation? Oh...and by the way, there is a new Czar for that. The Disinformation Czar.

Sen. Cornyn Sends Letter To President Obama About "Fishy" Activities Program

This sort of stuff does not happen in America. This is stuff we see on TV...in Cuba or Russia, right? Not anymore and I ask YOU, where is the outrage?

Please take a few minutes to view the following videos. You cannot afford not to see them. Trust me.

Not only did he say we will not be able to heat our homes as we want...did he go so far as to say we cannot EAT as we want? Listen to this and you tell me.

Conservatives WORK for their clothes and insurance.

Now think about this...if they are not reading the bills, what is being slid through without anyone knowing it? Remember they are representing YOU!

And this one WANTS to read the bill. Too bad they only gave him 24 hours to read more than a 1000 pages.

He wants us to shut up and get out of the way? Totalatariaism at its best. Clearly he is dehumanizing conservatives in order to complete his agenda.

Thank God for representatives like John Linder who speak on behalf of the Government intruding into the lives of Americans. He recognizes that it is all about POWER!

I rest my case.


  1. If health care should be between myself and my doctor then let's stop trying to legislate abortion.

  2. Abortion is murder not health care.