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Thursday, September 10, 2009

50,000 Muslims To Hold Islamic Prayer Service On Capitol Hill

50,000 Muslims To Hold Islamic Prayer Service On Capitol Hill

Islam on Capitol Hill

"I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."
Barack Obama

Please take time from your day...on 9/25/09 at 1pm ET.....to pray to Our Heavenly Father through his son Jesus Christ. You do not have to be anywhere special.....just stop what you are doing and pray. Set your online reminder service....mark your calendars....do whatever it takes for you to remember the time and date.

Our country is on the verge of something very sinister. Let's outnumber them in prayer....and ask the Lord to lift up our nation and protect us.

Share this with your friends, family and church leaders. If your church has bells, ask that they be rung at that time.

We can make 50,000 Islamic prayers......a drop in the bucket. Let's shoot for MILLIONS!



  1. Why is 50,000 praying Muslims threatening to you? I'm assuming you believe that their religion is not true and that their God doesn't exist. Don't 50,000 prayers to nobody pretty much amount to nothing? Why do you need to round up millions of Christians to pray at the same time? They're praying. Why not just let them pray?

  2. Why do you care?

    Well let me put it to you this way...the last time a Christian prayed on those steps...he was not allowed to use the word Jesus.

    Hammas is part of the planning for this event.

    Is that enough for you?

  3. http://barenakedislam.wordpress.com/

    You know...you are the infidel to them. Yes...you...me, your wife and kids too. Take a damn long and hard look at what they have done to Europe. They are calling for ALL women to wear the chador...they have succefully changed public swimming pool hours so that they are accomodated.

    You can say whatever you want...you can publically defend them...and they still have no problem slitting your throat and putting it on the internet.

    The decent Muslims...do not stand and scream OUR TIME HAS COME....or DEATH TO AMERICA..

    I am looking for a specific video for you to watch....having trouble finding it. Lost all my favs not long ago...but trust me...I will find it eventually.

    Oh...and my Islamic Arabic born.....aunt...says they are not doing this to blend in and make friends with Americans....I believe her.

  4. I guess I care because I'm concerned about the posturing between religions. We're talking about billions of people on both sides who distrust each other to a dangerous point. I think the possibility that it eventually turns into violence on a massive scale is a very real one. That's what scares me.

    So I guess I would say...50,000 Muslims getting together to pray seems to scare you. 1,000,000 Christians getting together to try to drown out the Muslims feels like an affront to me, and feels like it lends itself to an escalation of distrust and hostility. And that's the part that scares me. I certainly don't have a problem with you (or them, or anyone) praying. It's the appearance of seeking competition and conflict that I worry about.

    And no, Hamas being part of the planning isn't enough for me, because I don't think that America is swarming with terrorists. I think that 99.99% of American Muslims are as peaceful as the 99.99% of American Christians or Jews or Atheists who are peaceful, and that getting together to pray is something that religious communities do.

    I'm not trying to be confrontational (which I know I have been in the past). It just scares me to see the direction the world is going in. I think that the extremists win when well meaning, mainstream Christians get into conflict with well meaning, mainstream Muslims.

  5. I do not ever recall the Christian religion..forming a group to kill Muslims. Correct me if I am wrong. Islam should be judged by the follower. Radical Islam is an ugly ugly thing. They STONE WOMEN TO DEATH because they were raped. Oh wait...four male witnesses can save them. Andrew, does that not make you sick?

    Radical Islam has not left their radical culture behind...geeze...how many honor killings right here in America in just the last two years? Any would be too many....but I think it is up to 8 now. All beautiful young women...with bright futures. Andrew, what part of that is acceptable?

    You can take the Arab out of Islam...but you cannot ever take the radical Islam out of a Muslim.

    Can you show me where I said it scares me? I have looked and looked and I cannot find that.

  6. http://www.markedmanner.com/2009/03/chicago-tv-muslim-leader-says-america.html



    I am looking still for a certain video for you....will post it when I can locate it.

  7. Found it.


    Think he is posturing against Americans?

    Hey..we are not calling Christians to storm their prayer service...Never said that, Andrew. In fact...the more prayers the better. We are simply asking the Lord to lift up our nation. What is wrong with that?

  8. A Complimentary Remark:


    The discussion above on this controversial topic is a good example of why I write the following complimentary remarks:

    It is to your credit that you are respectful and civil to those who do not agree with you. Because of that, visitors, like myself, to your site can read and participate in the discussion of issues that are important to all of us. In direct contrast, some other conservative blog sites that I visit, like The Beach Girl, Liberally Conservative, and Eternity Road, exhibit a mean-spirited and openly hostile attitude to opposing views. Consequently, their discussions, while sometimes informative, are often parochial and pedestrian. I thank you for your generosity in sharing your site with people like myself who often offer views that oppose yours. I salute you!

  9. The Crusades were a bunch of Christians going after Muslims (and Slavs, Jews, Mongols, etc.). That's the first thing that leaps to mind.

    I'm reading a book called The Battle For God: A History of Fundamentalism that was recommended to me by a socially conservative friend. I'm happy to lend it to anyone who wishes to read it when I'm done.

  10. I do not ever recall the Christian religion..forming a group to kill Muslims. Correct me if I am wrong.

    The Crusades were one. Bosnia was another. That was a Christian campaign that killed 300,000 Muslims.

    You may be saying, "What do Bosnian Christians have to do with me?" But 99.99% of the billion+ Muslims in the world are saying, "What does some Afghanistan-based fundamentalist have to do with me?"

    I think it's a mistake to find hate speech from fundamentalists and use it to judge an entire people. It wouldn't be hard to do within any major religion, because the spectrum of beliefs is so broad.

    You can't take radical Islam out of a radical Muslim any more than you can take Christian religious beliefs away from a Christian. But we're not talking about 50,000 radicals. We're talking about 50,000 American, primarily mainstream Muslims. You can't just equate the two.

    8 honor killings in the US in the past two years. So I'm looking up honor killings and it says that they are killings in which one family member kills another family member who has shamed the family. There were 16,000 murders in the US in 2004, and 16% of those were family members killing other family members. That's over 2500 murders within the family in the US. Is Islam worse because they have a name for that?

    Two nights ago in Portland, a Christian man walked out of his house and open fired on the house of the peaceful Muslim family next door, while the children were inside. Luckily, nobody was hurt. But to me, that's pretty scary too.

  11. Okay...tell me what Chrisian Americans have done? Have Christians formed their own army to kill?

    Andrew, you don't have to answer...but I am just curious as to whether or not you are a Christian?

  12. "8 honor killings in the US in the past two years. So I'm looking up honor killings and it says that they are killings in which one family member kills another family member who has shamed the family. There were 16,000 murders in the US in 2004, and 16% of those were family members killing other family members. That's over 2500 murders within the family in the US. Is Islam worse because they have a name for that?"

    We are talking about in the name of Allah. Domestic violence is across the board....all religions....all faiths. I am talking about in the name of ALLAH. Kill your daughter because she looked at a boy. Kill your daughter because she is a cheer leader. Kill your daughter because she got a job at Wendy's. Kill your daughter because she is not DEVOUT.

  13. Bob, thank you for your comment. I do try to be fair...and while I do not have my blog set so that posts appear immediately is not to censor them. I do post almost everything that comes in. I do not post things that are personally attacking...although I have not had one....but also because people leave comments that are nothing more than scams...like make money at home working for google. I delete that stuff.

    Now back to your post...It gave me pause. It made me cry actually....the whole time I was cooking dinner...I was crying in our BBQ. My daughter kept saying...mom you need tissue....and indeed I did.

    This country has become a place I barely recognize. That being said, I love the fact that we are all free to speak our mind. I do worry about losing that right. I worry about losing a lot of rights. I worry about people suing publishers of The Bible because it causes them undue stress. Yes, this is happening now. I worry about elementary schools outlawing Thanksgiving plays (this already happened sucessfully), removing nativities or The Ten Commandments. We have become so politically correct that we cannot even say Merry Christmas in some instances. Diversity is a good thing....until you are required to become so diverse that you must sacrifice your own culture to accept others. In public schools you cannot pray legally before you eat lunch, yet Muslims can wear their coverings....and some Muslims have sued successfully to have the schools accomodate their childrens Friday prayers. So while some say there should be a separation of church and state...it seems to only apply to Christians. Muslims have taken jobs with meat packing companies and then sued because they pack pork? They sued to get their own holidays as paid holidays where the owners took away Labor Day to close for a Muslim holiday. Muslim taxi drivers will refuse a blind person because they have a seeing eye dog...virtually leaving the blind without taxi access because the vast majority of the cab drivers were Muslim.

    You cannot legislate morality...which..conservative as I am...I believe is a good thing. I do believe in God, Freedom...and everything our country was founded on.

    Continued in next comment

  14. I do think that listening and trying to understand how other people think and view the country and the world..is important. I doubt that I will ever agree with many liberal viewpoints...but I do hope to understand what makes people view things the way they do. So while we cannot unite in legislation, we should be able to unite in understanding. Won't happen. I had a more than 20 year friendship dissolve over politics. She got in my face and told me I was no conservative...because I had a child out of marriage. Yes, I did. But I did not abort her and she is a miracle in my life. Does that mean I am not conservative? In fact, my own very conservative uncle no longer speaks to me because I had her out of wedlock, yet he is against abortion too. Marriage was not an option as at the time my daughters father wanted no part of this child. He wanted me to abort her. This is a man who is a lawyer...very well educated..and very well respected. He has since come to realize how wrong he was.....but oh let me tell you...he put me through hell. Now, he is an active part in our lives...and the most proud father you could ever imagine. Still, I could count on one hand the people who supported my decision to give my daughter life. I cannot seem to get past that. That is my issue...and it is between God and me. Enough said...and besides I am rambling here.

    Glenn Beck said tonight...if there is one thing we should all unite on...it is corruption. Sadly, that will never happen...because we have leaders in congress who are corrupt...will always be corrupt and will support corruption. That realization....really hit me hard. If we cannot unite on that....we are all basically screwed.

    I have an eight year old daughter who can truly see the world is a wreck. So tonight when I was bawling in the BBQ...she asked why I was crying. I stopped and we talked about so many things. Corruption, freedom...what is good in the world and country....and what is bad. My eight year old is wise, wise beyond her years....and she said to me.....

    "Mom, I think life is good. I think people ruin it. I never want to have children....instead I will adopt since they are already here. I do not want to bring another baby into this world. Do you think God will understand that?"

    Of course he will. The world is a wreck. People do not listen to people anymore....even when they disagree. People are becoming greedier and greedier. The ties that bind are becoming fewer and fewer. What was right..is now wrong. What was wrong, is now right.

    I can only listen and try to understand, ask God for understanding, wisdom and forgiveness when I am wrong.

    I enjoy your comments...you challenge me. I appreciate that most of the time...lol.

    Thanks, Bob, for sharing your insight with me....and thanks for the salute.

    God bless us all.

  15. "I had a more than 20 year friendship dissolve over politics. She got in my face and told me I was no conservative..."

    I was born and raised in Georgia and almost all my relatives there are conservative - and when I visit some of them, things can get a little touchy. When one of my dearest first cousins screams at me about my politics, I refuse to let our differences divide us. I say, "Doris, we are kin, so let's agree to disagree and stay on good terms". Another of my favorite cousins who is almost like a brother, is a staunch conservative, but he and I have long, respectful discussions about issues on which we disagree.

    Furthermore, most of my local friends are conservative, but we have lots of fun giving each other a hard time about political differences. We are tolerant of each other's views and we always part friends.

    "Still, I could count on one hand the people who supported my decision to give my daughter life. I cannot seem to get past that. That is my issue...and it is between God and me."

    It's unfortunate that some people, especially relatives and friends (conservative or liberal) do not support your decision.
    You did what you believed to be right, and it was the right thing. That's my conclusion - and I'm sticking to it.

  16. Would it surprise you if I, too, were from Georgia? Yes, a largely conservative state!

  17. No, not really; I was born and raised in Wilkinson County and am an alumnus of Mercer University (Baptist) in Macon. I have a blog site dedicated to my home town, Toomsboro.


  18. No, I'm not a Christian. I was raised in a pretty strong Catholic family (my dad is now a deacon), but gradually realized that I just didn't believe it. You could say that I'm agnostic, but leaning pretty heavily toward not believing in any kind of god. I would say agnostic primarily because the question of, "why is there anything instead of nothing" is one that I can't answer.

    As far as the question, "What have Christian Americans done," I would say nothing toward Muslims. But then let me ask the question, "What have Muslim Americans done?" There is as much variation in Muslims aroudn the world as there is Christians around the world. It just seems like if you're willing to say, "Bosnian Christians did bad stuff but American Christians are okay," then you should be willing to consider that Afghani Muslims can attack the United States but American Muslims are fine.

    And it's hard for me to admit to it, but I actually agree with Glenn Beck on the corruption issue. I think if someone were really able to clean up the government--take out lobyist influences, somehow remedy this political culture of complete party uniformity with no compromise, tighten up the rules to make sure that the checks and balances between branches are being respected--that person would probably be considered one of the greatest presidents in American history. Imagine what we coudl get done if I didn't think Republican leaders had a hidden agenda and you didn't think Democratic ones did. I'm not sure I see that ever happening, though. The status quo is just too good to everyone at the top of the government.

  19. My point was that America and Christians are targets for radical Islam from all over the world. Today...not just in Ameria...but basically world wide....Christians are fairly peaceful. So are most Muslims....but there is a large factor there....of radicals...that are not peaceful and have united to fight America...and eventually take over our country. They are not a force to be ignored.

    You know, Andrew, if we could ALL unite against corruption....what a great thing that would be. Giving everyone a common goal....and a desire to work together.

    I am not a Republican per say....and I do believe that almost all of the leaders in our country are corrupt.