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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN? How much STIMULUS money did they get?

This is your stimulus money at work. I am not going to tell you how much "STIMULUS" ACORN received until the bottom of this post. If you are outraged by that answer...please call The White House and ask them why. I am certain they will be happy to divulge this information. Obama has quite a long history with ACORN....despite what ACORNS website says tonight after this recent development. Then I challenge you to check out the FOX News Website then go to CNN and ask yourself why CNN is not covering this. Even liberals should be OUTRAGED! ABC and MSNBC gave it a little blip...with somehwat of a slanted edge against the, you know, CONSERVATIVE journalist.

What is wrong is wrong. There is a whole lot wrong here.

ACORN received 52,000,000 from 1994 until the Stimulus package. With the Stimulus...they received 8.5 BILLION dollars. EIGHT-POINT-FIVE BILLION DOLLARS!


  1. What I saw on the video was outrageous, and I believe that at least two ACORN employees have already been fired; I hope they are arrested and charged with appropriate crimes.

    Tammy said:

    "Then I challenge you to check out the FOX News Website then go to CNN and ask yourself why CNN is not covering this."

    I checked out CNN and have listed the link to their article below. Then I asked myself, Why is Tammy reporting that CNN is not reporting this news.


  2. I think it is self explanatory. Glad to see they added the story...

  3. What's self explanatory is how quickly you jumped to the conclusion that CNN would shy away from this story.

  4. No, it was not quickly that I came to the conclusion.

  5. CNN didn't give this story near the coverage that it deserved, but the same goes for most liberal whack-job news agencies.

    I'm thankful that at least one network (Fox News) isn't afraid to cover this kind of bullshit. I'm also glad that the inner workings of ACORN is being exposed.

  6. Striker....I so agree with you. Whatever political agenda we all have..this should be headline news. I have found that MSM either does not cover stories that should be covered...or neatly tucks them away from their main page.

    I firmly believe ACORN is as corrupt as corrupt could possibly be.....and then some.

    Looking back on the Van Jones issue, there was no MSM coverage until he resigned. This guy was someone that even liberals deserved to know and understand...whether they agree or disagree.....but they are not given that chance in most cases. Even when they did cover the Van Jones...they did not use many of the reasons...they only used two I believe...calling Republicans assholes....and the bit about Bush being a crack head. Where was the coverage about his communist background, black radical.....all self proclaimed. It just blows my mind.

  7. "I'm thankful that at least one network (Fox News) isn't afraid to cover this kind of bullshit. I'm also glad that the inner workings of ACORN is being exposed."


    Is this the same Fox News that aired "So You Think You Can Dance" in at the same time the President of the United States was making a speech before a joint session of Congress on one of the most important (if controversial) issues of the day? Is it the same Fox News where its commentators, within minutes of the speech, began misquoting what the President had said from the very speech that it had refused to air to its audience?

    And finally, is it the same Fox News where Glen Beck and Sean Hannity routinely get the facts totally and hopeless;u wrong about events that are so well documented that even an eight-year old knows that these guys are eithir stupid or dishonest?

  8. "ACORN received 52,000,000 from 1994 until the Stimulus package. Withthe Stimulus...they received 85 BILLION dollars. EIGHTY-FIVE BILLION DOLLARS!"

    I don't believe that the figure of 85 billion dollars which you quote will wash. In fact, I think it's preposterous since it's almost 10 percent of the total stimulus package. The highest figure I've found in my research is about 5.2 billion. So, if the quote was not meant as a joke, I challenge you to come up with a source for that figure. You may prove me wrong, but I don't think so.

  9. If they get facts so hopelessly and totally wrong...why are all these people getting fired and resigning?

    Fox has many channels...and FNN did air the president speaking.

    As for your earlier post...my reply is coming. It has really given me pause.....so in the meantime, thank you, but I will have more to say to you.....I promise.

  10. Bob, that was my mistake. It should have been 8.5 BILLION directly. However, ACORN has many little programs under them...and all of those got money too.

    Can you believe the census cut ties with Acorn? Now, please tell me you agree with that....lol. I think it was the best thing they could have done.

  11. You know...Hannity and Beck have really give Obama a hard time...but they gave it to Bush too. Why does nobody remember that?

  12. Glenn Beck summed it up tonight. He said the one thing we should all be united on...is corruption. My question is...why do some see things as corruption....and others see something as acceptable? Example....Pelosi supporting Rangel? He is clearly as corrupt as they come. I am sure there are conservative examples....I honestly just cannot pull one this moment.

    But keep in mind...being a conservative...does NOT make you a Republican.

  13. Tsmmy,

    Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts and feelings. Hope you wake up today feelng rejuvinated and a bit more optimistic. Here's a verse I wrote recently which I share with you. It's sort of written in the style of Emily Dickinson, my favorite poet - who lived in Amherst, MA. from 1830 to 1886. I'm a member of her International Society and visit her Amherst home from time to time.

    A Promise Made

    Alas, the last I saw my friend,
    I told him I'd see him after;
    Now all is left is my regret
    And memory of his laughter.

    The void between that promise made -
    And when it's finally kept
    Exceeds the universe I know -
    In length - and height - and depth.