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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Celebrate 60 Years of The Peoples Republic of China! Yea, Right Here in America!

Since when did America take part in celebrations of communism? Let's raise the flag of COMMUNIST China in DC! Don't stop there....gotta light the Empire State Building in the colors of the COMMUNIST flag of China.

Is this a joke? Wait...I know...I must be on Candid Camera!

Empire State building to glow communist red, yellow
Skyscraper to blaze Chinese colors in honor of 60th anniversary of regime


  1. Reply To Mao Tse-Tung

    Legendary snow leopard
    once roamed Chingkang Moungtain,
    strode mightily
    over the Great Snowy Mountain...
    His Long March cradled
    sharpen claws,
    he entered old age,
    swam the Yangtze River
    like a playful boy.
    Thunderstorms come; a wilderness of snowflakes
    fall across cities, countryside,
    and nation-states;
    An array of pale stars and stripes like a banner
    of pale bones and blood
    attempts to suffocate the world,
    But heroes come again
    amid a red sea of stars.

    Luis Lazaro Tijerina
    October 1st, 2009
    Burlington, Vermont


  2. So you are in favor of celebrating the anniversary of the communist regime?

    Let me make myself very clear. I have no problem celebrating the rich culture of the Chinese people.....it is the communist regime I have an issue with.