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Monday, September 21, 2009

Liberals Against The Patriot Act

I remember the outrage from Liberal America when along came The Patriot Act under the Bush Administration. Obama's congressional vote was "nay", yet he is pushing for the reauthorization of The Patriot Act today.

Where are the screams from Liberal America? Where is the outrage? If it was a bad thing under Bush, isn't it bad under Obama?

If liberals were outraged then and not now, isn't that hypocricy?

Frankly, under the Obama Administration, we really no longer need the patriot act because Obama has the Black Widow. The Black Widow gives far more syping capability than The Patriot Act ever did.

I find it interesting that the bill, S.1686, for The Patriot Act is described as "a bill to place reasonable safeguards on the use of surveillance and other authorities under the USA PATRIOT Act, and for other purposes".

I guess the Liberals believe this.....Go figure.

So I wonder how they feel about "The Black Widow"? Oh wait, that's right...CNN, ABC, MSNBC and CBS never reported on that. I guess the liberals just don't know about it.

I also find it interesting that we have breaking news of preventing a terror attack just before voting to reauthorize The Patriot Act. Great timing, huh?

I was against The Patriot Act then....and now. I am also against The Black Widow.

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