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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walk the Streets in Anger

This is a remarkable video by Anne Harpen. Thank you, Anne. It spoke right to my heart.

This is written and performed by John Pickle. Washington, We are Watching YOU!


  1. "Thank you, Anne. It spoke right to my heart."

    Remember the song: "You're so vain, I bet you thought this song is about you." Maybe, maybe not.

  2. As in most things, the meaning of art is often discerned through the prism of one's personal views and attitudes. I suspect you favor this video because you believe the words of the song reflect your discontent with the current President's political, social, and economic agenda. But the song could just as well reflect the despair of a former slave in 1877, when during the first year of the presidential administration of Rutherford B. Hayes the slave watched his dreams of freedom and justice dashed on the rocks of southern hatred and bigotry. I hope that the policies of the current administration do not inflict on you and your family the same kind of misery inflicted on blacks for seventy-five years after Hayes became president. Finally, a question: Would you have posted and applauded the video if the song had been written and performed by Michelle Obama?

  3. "Would you have posted and applauded the video if the song had been written and performed by Michelle Obama?"

    It is very unlikely she would have written anything that would have touched me emotionally.

  4. I'm talking about the same song with the same words - just a different composer and performer.

  5. No, but I would have if it were performed by Dick Cheney.

    You are being ridiculous.

  6. It's a nice song, and well done - and I'll leave it there.