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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Obama, Manuel Zelaya and Freedom

I find it totally alarming that Obama supports the ousted President of Honduras. The people in that country acted according to THEIR constitution when Zelaya tried to remove term limits so that he could run again. Their constitution said that he was not even allowed to try to remove term limits...so they ousted him according to their own law. They were, as I see it, well within their rights?

Zelaya is supported by the warm and fuzzy Hugo Chavez. Which is a clear sign that a dictatorship was in the Hondurans future. Obama suspended over 30 million in aid to that country and has all but reinstated Zelaya to power. Who the hell does Barack Obama think he is?

WHY would Obama support his return to the Presidency when he was legally ousted according to the laws of that country? Has he no respect for their constitution, their people or their freedom? Of course not! He certainly has none for our own country. It is clear as can be. Obama is not a supporter of free people. WE have just yet to see it here in our country....well most of us anyway.

The thing that bothers me....is that he is our President now and people are not seeing the red flags here. What will it take to wake up the American people.

Who's behind the Obama Honduras policy?

I beg you, Honduras' interim President Roberto Micheletti, DO NOT AGREE TO IT. You have the support of the American people.....you do not need the support of Obama and Chavez. Freedom will outlive this presidential administration, come hell or high water.

Ousted Honduran says pact restores him to power

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