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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Recommendations on Mammograms?

I have thought about these new recommendations almost non-stop since they were issued. Then, I decided to take a look at just WHO was making them. Oddly enough, it is a government agency that is appointed by the Obama Administration. Another oddity, the American Cancer Society does not agree with the recommendations.

Why, then would a government agency feel the need to overstep the American Cancer Society and the vast majority of physicians who screen and treat women for breast cancer?

I can tell you in one word:


Do you think that Michelle Obama will wait until 50 to get her first mammogram? I think not. Do you think that Oprah would have waited until 50? Doubt it.

Now it is bad enough that they are saying to wait ten additional years before having a mammogram, but to urge women not to do self exams? Who the hell are these people? What right do they have to advise women not to perform self-breast exams?

It is very plain to see that this is a step in the direction of rationing before Obamacare even passes. Do they really think the American people are so stupid that they will not figure this out? The guidelines will be used if Obamacare passes, to refuse payment (and cut costs) for routine screening for an additional ten years in women. Even worse, now you can expect that private insurance companies will implement these guidelines to cut costs immediately, if not sooner.

It is said repeatedly that Obamacare will not come between the decisions made by you and your doctor. Well of course not, honey,.....just be prepared to pay for those decisions because your insurance is not going to cover it.

The panel who made these recommendations were not even cancer specialists, nor did they ever have real any day to day experience with this disease.

Who then will be affected by the new recommendations under Obamacare? It will be the lower economic class and this will include a large number of black women. The very people who voted for Obama to begin with. Most of these women will be unable to pay for mammograms out of their pockets...unlike the upper economic class.

Where is the OUTRAGE?

I had a very dear friend who diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer at age 36. She died a couple of years later. I can think of several people that I know of that were diagnosed well before the age of 50.


How is that hope and change working for ya now?

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