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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harry Reid and the "no Negro dialect" Comment

Now that the politically correct word police have entered the arena...I want to take a look at what Harry Reid said.

He described Obama as light skinned. Check. He is light skinned.

He described Obama as having "no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one". Check. He doesn't...but can.

He described Obama as Negro. Check. No further explanation necessary.

I used to work in an office where we had a wonderful young lady (African American) working as a receptionist. She sounded very professional and educated when she was working. I might add that she was working her way through college. If her cell phone rang and she answered it...she almost always communicated in a totally different manner.

She explained this to me as being called "switching" after I commented one day on the subject. She also told me that she lived in two worlds. It was a conversation I had totally forgotten until Harry Reid this week.

As far as Harry Reid, I despise the man. Still, this is a clear example of political bullshit. I can find nothing wrong with his comments.

Let's face it..Harry Reid is older than dirt...and using the word Negro was probably the issue here. Poor old Harry failed to refer to him as African American. In Harry's day, Negro was the proper way to refer to an AFRICAN AMERICAN. It was the "politically correct" way at that time. You can do a lot of things...but one thing you cannot do is make your great-grandparents politically correct by today's standards. The alternative used in those days would land you in jail today for hate speech or use of fighting words....although...it seems to be a term of endearment among the black community. Just don't let a a "cracker" say it.

Wait...did I say that? Make that Caucasian American.

Make no mistake...Reid needs to go, just not for this reason. There is a lot of political BS over race. It cost Trent Lott his career. That was wrong too, in my opinion. Both sides of the aisle look for things to blow out of proportion in the race arena. I guess they see it as a way of gathering votes. I think they WANT to keep race an issue. Maybe if the government left it alone...it would take care of itself. Then again, maybe not.

As I search the internet for information on switching, it occurs to me that more often than not, those polled say they do it to not appear too "white". Talking "white" or acting "white" is not a cool thing among some in the "black" community. I guess that is what my co-worker meant by living in two worlds.

Codeswitching: Black English and Standard English in the African-American Linguistic Repertoire

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