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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Public Schools Now Parent Our Children

As a mother raising four children, I was shocked to read a recent story about a school board in Texas telling a parent her child was suspended from school because of his hair. Now, we are not talking a mohawk...or anything like that...just hair.

This is a public school and the child is in pre-k. He has been suspended for having long hair. Since the child has been suspended he sits alone with a teacher in the library at Floyd Elementary school in Balch Springs, Texas, not allowed to go to class. After much media attention the Mesquite School Board decided he could wear his hair braided...but must be kept no longer than his ears. THEY DECIDED?


Since when does the government dictate how people wear their hair? This is not a private school where there are dress codes...etc. This is a public school. This is a child and I would like to know who gave this school board the authority to make such decisions for this four year old child.

This is a situaion that should not go unnoticed. If the school board wins this battle...what's next? Will they dicate to parents the types of eyeglasses allowed? What about their sneakers? Next they could tell you that only a certain brand of shoes are allowed.

The fact is..the government has no right to parent our children. Period.

Oddly enough, I have joked about government approved haircuts for a year. I am not joking anymore.

School orders boy, 4, to braid long locks

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