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Friday, August 13, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church Is Not Of Christ

While I am the first to speak against gay marriage, I have long said that if they want the same legal protections of marriage, they should have it. Just call it something else besides marriage. I do, however, believe homosexuality is a sin and I do believe The Bible is the literal law of God. Is it my job to judge? Let he without sin cast the first stone. That would not be me. I am human...and I sin. No question about it. I am blessed in that when I ask for forgiveness from my Heavenly Father, He forgives.

I am not a hater. God is not a hater. Jesus is not a hater. Allah? Well, you be the judge.

As a parent, I may not like what my children do, but I still love them. I believe it is the same with our Heavenly Father. He does love His children and I am certain we bring Him a great deal of sorrow. That being said, He loves us.

This is not a church. This is a group filled with hate that goes against what my Christian faith has taught me. My faith has taught me to pray for those sinners, not to hate them. We are to be an example to these people in the way we live our lives and treat other people in accordance with God's Word.

Raised to Hate: Kids of Westboro Baptist Church

You can tell this church is not a real church. Google Westboro Baptist Church.....then click the link to go to their site...and you will notice the web address is godhatesfags.com. Yea, some church. I could not even find an address or location for their weekly worship? There is none. There is a picket schedule...where they picket the funerals of our fallen soldiers. Yea, real Godly, huh? The same soldiers that died to keep them free to spew their hate under the guise of Christianity.

There are extremists everywhere and in everything. Christianity is no exception. The true Christian stands out from others. They are meek, yet strong. Fearful yet fearless...but most of all....they are strong in prayer for those who sin.

I ask everyone to pray for the Westboro Baptist "church" and all that follow their practices. Some or all of their beliefs may be Biblical fact, but their practices lack the Christianity taught by Jesus himself.

In Christianity, remember, The meek shall inherit the earth.

Now does that mean we must be silent on government issues? No. It is in the way we protest that makes the difference. We all know the pot is about to boil....and I think we all know that if there is any violence, it will start from the other side. That has been proven already. Looking at the Tea Party Protests -vs- G8 or G20 summits. The liberal left were the ones violent.

Pray for our nation...and be prepared to DEFEND her and our fundamental right to practice true Christianity. That may be coming sooner than you think.

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