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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Could Never Happen In America Has Already Happened

As a little girl I used to lie in bed at night afraid that the Russians were coming. I remember that fear as if it were yesterday because I feel that same fear again. This time, however, I fear my own government.

In between these two periods of time I would say that I felt pretty safe and secure. What happened in other parts of the world could never happen here, right? This was America, land of the free, home of the brave. A land of opportunity, a nation where you were free to be anything you wanted to be.  We had the best criminal justice system on earth--for both the victim and the accused.

We could practice our faith without any interference from the government. Saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter were not offensive, nativity scenes were not yet banned, prayer was revered, morals respected and every life had value. We truly were "One Nation Under God".

That was then. This is now.

On a beautiful fall day in Georgia....September 11, 2001...everything changed. After the terror attack on America we began sacrificing liberty for security. It became legal for a time for our government to spy on us without a warrant. We allowed this because the government was "protecting us".  The law was known as The Patriot Act. Although President Bush had an end date on the law, Obama (as a Senator) voted against it. As President he beefed it up, removed all expiration dates and made it American law forever.

We have seen our freedoms disappear one by one under Obama. What once was right is now wrong and what once was wrong is now right.

If you disagree with the government you can be labeled a domestic terrorist. Wait...you don't even have to publicly disagree with them. You need only be a Christian, pro-life, former military, or just simply own a gun to be labeled a domestic terrorist--- IN AMERICA!

The lies and corruption by our own government are very transparent. Everyday the government intrudes further and further into our private lives, and they are working tirelessly to intrude even further. When they are done we will no longer be free.

What couldn't happen in America has already happened.

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