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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sharia Law in Texas?

We have known for a while that the United Kingdom has Sharia Law courts. You are probably thinking that could never happen in America, right? If so, you are wrong. We have Sharia law in America. One example would be in Texas. TEXAS? Yessiree, cowboy, TEXAS.

Okay, so you now know about Sharia in America. Next up.....Islamic school holidays? That's right...some schools in Massachusetts will soon recognize one Islamic holiday per year. One would think it only fair if they celebrate Christmas, right? Wait...they do not celebrate Christmas....they celebrate the "Winter" Holidays.

The reality is that Islam wants to dominate America. It has been said that the Islamic flag will fly over the ruins of The White House. A few years ago, I would have laughed. I am not laughing anymore.

Americans are ignorant to the patience of Muslims to obtain their goals. They are ignorant to the ugly truth of Islam. One can have the belief of freedom of religion in America, including Islam...but when that freedom is used against us in an effort to kill, enslave and dominate America and her citizens, something has to give.

For ABC to air this without condemnation leads me to believe they are okay with this. I have some breaking news for ABC. AMERICANS ARE NOT OKAY WITH THIS! They just don't all know it yet because they believe it could never happen. America better open its eyes.....and FAST!

Are you laughing now?