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Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama May Eventually Control Our Thermostats, But Who Will Control His?

We can't keep our thermostats on 72...but....

White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code - NYTimes.com

Mr. President, I just want you to know that I keep my thermostat (in the winter) on 67 during the day and 65 at night. I would be willing to give you some tips on staying comfortable while keeping your thermostat set to conserve energy. Just give me a call. Even my three year old can help you out with this.

What is interesting and I cannot believe I missed this when I saw the above speech on TV some months back....he not only says we cannot keep our thermostats on 72...but he says we cannot "eat as we want"? Does this mean we have the food police on the horizon?

Don't laugh....they are already on the scene in the UK.

Food police come knocking on your kitchen door... to tell you what to do with your leftovers

Hard to deny...the words came right out of your mouth. Exactly what did you mean, Mr. President?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whoa...Ok...what's your next move with Iran, Mr. President?

Ok...you extended the hand of peace...and you are now demanded to give an apology for 60 years of American 'crimes' committed against Iran, give up support of Israel...and accept their nuclear aspirations. Oh....and you must withdraw all of our troops from around the world and put them inside our own borders. Just bring them ALL home.

Uh huh. That'll work.

Ahmadinejad Demands Apology for U.S. 'Crimes'

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Barack Obama should apologise for 60 years of 'crimes'

I am not sure what you expected, Mr. President, but I am willing to bet this "ain't" it. Do you not see that they are always going to push beyond the scope of reality? Negotiations are out of the question. You cannot make 'nice-nice' with them.

Your little plan did not work so well. Nice try, though!

Hmmm, which world leader was it again, that envisioned a world without America?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Federal Governments Demands YOUR Medical Records and DNA.

It is just amazing how bills are passed that the average American is simply unaware of. I guess we are so busy going about our lives....simply trying to survive. Still, you are doing yourself....and your children, grandchildren...a great disservice by not making yourself more informed.

This bill was actually signed by George Bush. I have always been a fan of his..but as I am learning about so many legislative items passed on his watch, I am sadly becoming disillusioned with our government as a whole.

I agree that the article below has some far fetched examples of what could happen with this bill. Or are they so far fetched? You tell me.

I cannot think of a single reason why the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs my medical records or those of my children stored on their database. Is it to make my records immediately available to physicians caring for me in an emergency? I am not sure. I am quite capable of carrying an emergency card with my blood type, medical conditions, medications I take, and my Dr's phone numbers. That is IF I choose to do so. I am responsible for me, not BIG BROTHER. It is not the job of the government to take care of me. I will succeed or fail based on the choices I make for myself.

What I have learned the past few weeks...is that bills pass....with all the hoopla of what good they will do. Still, look closer at the bills. These could be mandatory and no option to opt out.

Let's just say I require emergency care. I have no ID on me. That database does me no good. What is next? An implanted chip they can scan and then have my life history? I mean if I am not bright enough to carry ID, then the government must make it so that they can identify me....AND YOU at all times...just in case of emergency, right? It is in our best interest! Bullshit.

I personally do not want my records on any database. It leaves open to hackers..etc. Ummm....how many times has our country been the victim of electronic/digital foul play? I can think of a few just offhand. What is to keep our medical records from falling prey to hackers?

Why does the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT need my child's DNA collected at birth? I am sure they can list a lot of valid, sound, and excellent reasons....BUT....once they have their DNA...what are they going to do with it? We will never know. Could we then be risk classified by our DNA? If you have no control over what they do with your DNA or your childs, then nothing is sounding very far fetched to me. Can we opt out of this DNA collection of newborns? I would be willing to take a guess......NO!

Wake up America! Know who represents you in your state and in Washington. Keep up to date on legislation (that means READ IT from beginning to end), and how your representative plans to vote. Look at what the bill DOES NOT say as well as what it does say. Using this topic as an example, look for where it says it is mandatory or where it does not say it is voluntary. Read between the lines. Question your representatives. Get the answers and make your voice heard.

There is simply no reason why the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs my medical records. If this is mandatory, it without question, eliminates my right to privacy.

Economic stimulus? Feds want your medical records
Electronic database to include lawsuit, mental health, abortion, sexual details...

Like I said, they make it look very good. Read the bill below. Summary and full text available.

S.1858 Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007

Obama Extends the Hand of Peace to Iran

Ok..let me get this straight.....

Obama reaches out to Muslim World on TV, including Iran. During an interview he said:

"Iran has acted in ways that's not conducive to peace and prosperity in the region: their threats against Israel; their pursuit of a nuclear weapon which could potentially set off an arms race in the region that would make everybody less safe; their support of terrorist organizations in the past — none of these things have been helpful, " Obama said.

Mr. President, could you please define, "In the Past"? I seem to be having a problem putting "in the past" into perspective.

It seems that in just the last 48 hours, an Iranian vessel, carrying weapons to rearm Hammas, was intercepted by the U.S. Navy.

U.S. Navy intercepts Iranian arms vessel

It appears to me that the past is preparing to bite someone in the ass right this very moment. I think that someone is America, her citizens and their freedom.

Saudi Arabia criticizes Iran's Hezbollah support

Islamic Terrorists Forming Cells in America

MAY and CARAFANO: Iran's 'world without America

Yes, Mr. President, please define "in the past" for me. I really need some help with this one.

Obama and his plans for America

There is so much going on in America today and it amazes me how many Americans are unaware of pending legislation that will have a huge impact on our lives and our freedom.

Global Poverty Act
Senate Bill 2433
There is legislation that passed congress in 2007 and should be before the senate soon, if not already. This bill would give the United Nations 845 BILLION dollars to fight poverty around the world. That sounds really good on the surface, but what about poverty in our own country first? Our nation is going bankrupt and Obama wants to give 845 BILLION DOLLARS to the corrupt United Nations to fight global poverty. Who will oversee the utilization of these funds? I hope it's not the same people who were to oversee the TARP funds. Just don't forget that California is nearly bankrupt. They will be holding tax refunds and welfare checks effective 02/01/2009. Recipients will receive IOU's. Can you buy groceries with those?

Obama plan ships dollars overseas - by the billions

Big Brother Parenting HR 2343
This bill really concerns me. I see lower income parents signing up for assistance and basically losing all control over decisions made for their child. It basically says that if you are poor, you are not a good parent and we will make the decisions for you. Once enrolled, there appears to be NO ability to OPT OUT. If you tried, would you be deemed a bad parent and lose your children? What if the government home visitor does not think you are a good parent based only on their opinion? There are no clear guidelines here. You need to be informed about this before it is law and you sign up.

US Government: We know parenting better than you do

Fairness Doctrine?
This one almost makes me laugh. If we had the Fairness Doctrine in place, Obama would probably not be our President today. All laughing aside, this is serious. I consider this another assault on FREE SPEECH. Last I knew all Hannity and O'Reilly do give opposing opinions. That is the basis for their television programs. Honestly, I have not heard much of either of their radio shows, so I can't comment on their content.

White House plan puts bulls-eye on talk shows

If you are pro-life...you will love this one!

See the pro-life statement featuring Barack Obama

While the following are not bills...it is information you need to be aware of. What is happening in California is terrible. Welfare checks are being cut too. I call this poverty...and yet we are sending billions to other countries? How about sending a little of this to California?

California prepares to stop paying bills

Hate Crimes Law to include Thought Crimes, Moral objections? Does this mean churches cannot cite Biblical rejection of the homosexual lifestyle?

Obama's agenda? Overturn Supremes?

Granted, I use only one reference for all of the above, but search them out for yourselves. This information appears in many places.

We have a new government, far different from the one we have had in recent years. Educate yourselves. Read between the lines on bills. Look for what it does not say as well as what it does say where it applies to your freedom. Know your government representatives. Write them. Call them.

I am all for freedom. I support civil unions, not marriage for homosexuals. I support their right to live their life the way they want to until it takes away my freedom. I support a woman's right to control her body, until she uses abortion as a means of birth control. I support government programs to help poverty stricken families give their children the best chance in life, until it takes away their freedom to parent and make decisions for their own children. I support efforts to reduce global poverty, except in cases where we are nearly bankrupt ourselves. I support the right to free speech in all instances, with no exceptions.

If any of the above concerns you, you might make yourselves aware of a call for a Constitutional Convention. This could change our country forever! This is the thing that I am most fearful of.

If you read nothing else today, please read these:

Another Constitutional Convention?

Just say no to a con con

Wyoming lawmakers oppose Constitutional Convention

God Bless America!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saying Goodbye.....

I woke up today on my 44th birthday, and almost immediately the phone rang. I ran to the phone just knowing it was my Mom who called me every year and sang Happy Birthday to me. It wasn't her. I cried.

She died just over a year ago.

One year ago today, I was in Dallas, Texas cleaning out her apartment which was across the street from the hospital where she gave birth to me. I felt as though I was invading her privacy. Since I live in Georgia and drove to Dallas, I had limited room to take back things of hers that I wanted to keep. How do you choose from your Mom's most loved treasures? How do you know what she would have really wanted me to keep? It was the the third hardest day of my life. The first hardest was telling her she could go....not knowing that being on life support for days she would leave me with in five seconds after telling her I would be okay. The second hardest day was the day we should have taken her to the airport to send her back home. We did send her home....but it was not back to Texas. We buried her. Then...the third hardest day.....was cleaning out her apartment. The fourth hardest day....has been every day since the day she died.

How do you say goodbye to the person who no matter what, loved you more than life itself? The one person you could talk to, who accepted all your faults and loved you more for them?

My Mom had a very hard life, she was unlucky in love, health problems all her life....and she was so young to have died from heart disease. She had her first bypass at age 42. More were to follow along with strokes.

She was just the strongest woman you could ever meet. They told me in July of 2000 that she would never be able to speak again or ever live on her own. That the last stroke stole far too much of her comprehension for her to ever live independently again and that she should be put into a nursing home.

They did not know my Mother like I did.

The only words she could say after that stroke were, "Oh Mannnnn". I talked to her on the phone...and I told her they wanted me to put her in a nursing home. She said, "Oh, Mannnn". It was an angry "Oh, Mannnn". Then I said, Mom, I want you to come and live with me. We will get you through this. She said, "Oh Mannnn". It was in a tone like....Really? You would do that for me? I told her I loved her and she said, "Oh Mannnnnn". It was in the tone of I love you too. I knew by her tone, not her words, that she was in there. She knew what was going on and she was ready to fight.

Two weeks later she arrived. They wheeled her off the back of the airplane as we watched from the gate windows. The easy part was done. Now the work had to begin.

We got her into occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. She learned to tie her shoes, and to get herself a glass of water, to make a slice of toast, to count money, sign her name and to dial a phone. Things you never ever think you will have to teach your Mom. The hardest part was speech. She took one word at a time and would say it over and over and over until she got it right. I remember when she was trying to say the word table. She was sitting on my deck at the table and she tried so hard to say that word. She said it wrong about a million times. We kept trying. I went inside for a moment....but something made me turn around and I just watched her through the sliding glass doors. I saw a determination like I have never seen before. I remember standing there beside my dining room table...looking out at her sitting on the deck repeating her attempts over and over....and thinking how our lives felt like an ABC movie of the week. The next thing I know...she was bolting out of her chair...running toward me screaming the word over and over...TABLE TABLE TABLE TABLE. SHE DID IT! We hugged, cried....and both shouted TABLE TABLE TABLE through our tears. I can close my eyes and go back to that very time as if it were happening today. Table. Such a common word. Yet this common word has such power and memories in it that it can take me back to a place in time where my Mom is still alive for a just a few moments.

Next we moved to sentences. Now this was not without some humor along the way. I only had a two bedroom house...so when my Mom came I gave her my room and I slept on the living room floor on an egg crate mattress. My Mom had back trouble and my mattress was not working for her. So I got rid of it and we went shopping for a mattress and box springs that would be more comfortable for her. We went into this one store..and she found one she liked. She laid on it...and decided that was it. As we went to pay for it, the man asked her if she was sure that was the right one. She said...."Oh yes, I like purple dicks". She immediately knew that did not come out right....the man looked startled....she turned to me with her eyes just about to fill up with tears, she was horrified....and I just laughed. She gave me a look that I cannot describe...but I can still see it clear as can be. She looked at the man and took a deep breath and said, "I sorry". Then she got tickled, but she was still embarrassed...I think it just took her a second to realize it was done...it was over. The man looked at her..and by this time realized she had a speech problem....he touched her hand....and said...It's okay (in his best gay accent) I like pink ones. We all stood there and laughed for what seemed an eternity. As we were walking out the door, the man gave my Mom a hug and told her to keep trying. He knew good days were ahead for her. I still wish I knew what she really meant to say that day....but whatever it was....it came out wrong!

My Mom did recover. Her speech was never the way it used to be, but you could understand everything she said. She lived with me for about 6 months and she returned to Texas and lived independently until she died. She traveled to visit us, she went to Mississippi to meet some of her online friends at a casino. That was a tough one for me. It was her first trip solo after her stroke. I tried to make sure she was ready....and she just kept saying Yes, Mom...to all my warnings, much the way a teenager would do. I was a nervous wreck, but she made the trip safely and had the time of her life. I was so proud of her.

Her final trip was to visit us for Christmas. She arrived December 19th, 2007. We had one full week to enjoy being with her before she became ill. The first week was just a cold, but she was so weak...that it really took a toll on her. Then on January 5th, she had an episode of pulmonary flash edema. She filled up with fluid and we got her to the hospital. No reason to think this was going to be anything other than routine. The next night I went to bed and in the middle of the night the Chaplin called. She was not responsive. We rushed to the hospital and I said, Mom, I am here. She asked what took me so long....lol. I think her sugar just went to low. Still, they let us stay in ICU with her. Her sugar was going up and down and they could not stabilize it. They would give her insulin to bring it down and then ten minutes later they were giving her juice to bring it up...then ten minutes later more insulin to bring it down. We got her comfortable and she went to sleep. I settled in a chair at the foot of her bed. I was just looking at her...and reflecting on how strong she was and yet how weak.....and as I was looking at her..she vomited in her sleep with an oxygen mask on her face. I called for the nurse who came in..checked her and then had a look of panic. She aspirated. They were going to have to tube her. I helped them clean her up a little and told her I had to leave the room for a while...but I would just be outside. As soon as they would let me come back in, I would be there. She nodded. I told her I loved her and went to the waiting room. She was on the tube for two days...fighting for every breath, fighting to live. Every function in her body was going haywire. I kept telling her I needed her. "Mom, I need you here with me".

That night, her fever spiked to 108. They told me that it was not from the infection that resulted from the aspirations....they were sure she had had a stroke. It had to be something going on in her brain. Still she fought. Her fever then dropped to 94 and then to normal. She was fighting....fighting to live.....holding on to life.

I was with her in her room....and the nurse was there. When the nurse completed her checks, I was able to get by her side. I said, "Mom, I want you here with me, but if you are tired of fighting, I understand and I will be okay". In five seconds, she was gone. On January 8th, 2008 my Mom was gone at the very young age of 65.

A few days later we took flowers to the nurses who cared for her. The nurse that was with me when she died hugged me and cried with me. She said in 30 years of nursing, she had heard stories about how people told family they could go and they did. She said she had never witnessed it until my Mom. She also told me that during the time my Mom was in her care, that there was no reason why she lived, she was so sick. She believed that my telling her I would be okay, released her. She said she would never forget our family.

It is so hard. I still reach for the phone to call her when the kids do something funny. She loved these kids with everything in her. I used to call her when I was in the carpool line everyday...and still everyday when I am in carpool....I think.....I need to call Mom. I still look for her on my buddy list and she is not there. They say it will get easier.....that I will be able to think about her and not cry. I miss her laugh, I miss her voice and her sense of humor. I miss talking to her about everything and nothing at all. Sometimes we did that. Just talked about nothing in particular.

Well, it has been a year, and it is not any easier. Kiss your Mom. Tell her you love her. Send her flowers. When she is gone, you will wish you had. You will wish for just one more time...one more chance...but it will never come.

Mom, I love you. I will never be the same without you. I will make it because I have to....but the one thing that keeps me going is that I know, I know with everything in me...I will see you again.

I WILL see you again.

My Mom, Leta Faye Clark Miller, 1942-2008

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yellowstone, Long Valley and Valles, Active Calderas

We seem to focus on the Yellowstone Caldera, but there are in actuality three active calderas in the United States. Yellowstone is by far the largest. Then we have Long Valley Caldera which is an active, and restless caldera as well. New Mexico has the Valles Caldera, and although considered active, I have yet to find any reports that is in a state of unrest.

I believe that most people would be surprised to know that the United States has three super volcanoes which are active. The term super volcano is a relatively new term, one which could be considered somewhat alarmist on one hand, and yet a very definitive description on the other.

The swarms at Yellowstone seem to have calmed down...for now. Still, as I have said before, I believe that it is in the early stages of eruption. Early stages for an eruption for a volcano that blows approximately every 600,000 years can take a while. Could it erupt without warning? With the unrest Yellowstone has displayed for a good number of years, I believe that we do not know enough to predict an eruption. Once the eruption is imminent and geologists agree the thing is gonna blow....I believe it would be to late for any sort of evacuation. Even if you COULD give warning to evacuate, how do you evauate the entire states surrounding this massive volcano?

Yellowstone and the other calderas, are mysteries. And will likely remain that way throughout time. The destruction a massive eruption would create would likely destroy any and all data on the caldera and make it virtually impossible to pass that information along to future generations. The destruction it would create on earth would be massive. Not just in the United States....but world wide. Life as we know it, would change. All things considered, it is roughly estimated to be 40,000 years overdue for an eruption. That does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Another interesting discovery I found was that there is a very large volcano which lies directly under the entire city of Jackson, Mississippi. The center of this volcano is 2900 feet below the Mississippi Coliseum. It was discovered in 1819 and they say it has been extinct for over 65million years. Earthquakes can occur in Mississippi, and the largest one known was in 1931. It was located in the Batesville-Charleston area and was felt in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri. The greatest risk to Mississippi, where earthquakes are concerned, are from the New Madrid fault. The lower portion of this fault is about 40 miles Northwest of Memphis. Should a large earthquake occur in that area, considerable damage could be expected throughout Mississippi. What does that mean for the volcano which lies beneath Jackson which is said to be extinct?

A new fault was just discovered near Marianna, Arkansas which poses a threat of a 7.0 or greater earthquake. It is interesting to note, that the new fault and known New Madrid Fault put that area into a very dangerous area for major quakes. What affect, if any, could these fault lines have on the extinct Jackson volcano?

An extinct volcano has not had an eruption for at least 10,000 years and is not expected to erupt again in a comparable time scale of the future. Extinct volcanoes have been cut off from any magma flow.

However, from what I have read, it is possible for humans to THINK an extinct volcano may never erupt again because the time between eruptions is so long. Could a major earthquake change the status of an extinct volcano allowing the magma flow to resume?

It is difficult to distinguish between dormant and an extinct volcano. An extinct volcano is considered extinct because there is no "written" record of its activity. Volcanoes may remain dormant for a very long time, thus we consider them extinct. It has happened that so called "extinct" volcanoes have erupted.

Still, my guess it is that is not a common event, but if I lived in Jackson, I would sure hope they monitor that thing from time to time.

That being said, I would keep a very close eye on the Long Valley and Yellowstone calderas. They are restless, full of magma and show all the signs that an eruption is coming....we just do not know when.

An active volcano is a volcano that has had at least one eruption during the past 10,000 years. An active volcano might be erupting or dormant.

An erupting volcano is an active volcano that is having an eruption...

A dormant volcano is an active volcano that is not erupting, but is expected to erupt again.

An extinct volcano has not had an eruption for at least 10,000 years and there is no written record of past activity. Based on this criteria, is not expected to erupt again in a comparable time scale of the future.

For more on Yellowstone please take a few minutes and read The Yellowstone Newspaper.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome the Thought Police, They Have Arrived!

Barack Obama, our new leader, will be running the largest domestic and international spying program in history.

It will be powered by the National Security Agency, located at Ft. Meade, Maryland. This massive supercomputer which is codenamed the "Black Widow" will monitor everything we say or do on the computer or telephone. It will scan millions of domestic and international emails and phone calls each hour.

Now I am not normally a fan of the ACLU, but they have filed suit citing free speech and right to privacy. HALLELUJAH!

George Bush signed this into law in July, but let it be known that Obama voted in favor of this new....monster spying machine.

From the ACLU: “The government [is now permitted] to conduct intrusive surveillance without ever telling a court who it intends to spy on, what phone lines and e-mail addresses it intends to monitor, where its surveillance targets are located, why it’s conducting the surveillance or whether it suspects any party to the communication of wrongdoing.”

If there is no oversight from the courts, my fear is exactly what will they be looking for? Will they look for those who speak against the new President? Will they look for emails that have anything in them that condemns homosexuality? You know, that is against the law now. Your suspicious activities can be sent to almost anyone without your consent....right down to your local police department.

So, you send Uncle Wilfred an email discussing a family members homosexual lifestyle, you condemn it and ask Uncle Wilfred and Aunt Bertha to pray for them. An hour later your local police show up to arrest you for hate speech. Laugh if you will, but it is not so far fetched. There is no limit as to what can be done with the information obtained from spying on you. There is no limit as to what they look for in your emails, phone calls, and internet searches.

You have no privacy. The Black Widow is designed to know what YOU are thinking.

It reminds me of a movie I once saw, (can't recall the name) where a Russian man and his wife were in their own homes sitting at their kitchen table and had to pass notes to each other so they could not be monitored by the government.

New York Columns - Obama's Black Widow

Obama's 'Black Widow': Here come the thought police

Obama's Black Widow

Whistleblower: NSA Targeted Journalists, Snooped on All U.S. Communications

Damn scary, if you ask me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Night Eating Syndrome

I am a night eater. There, I said it.

I remember when it first began. I was prowling through the pantry in the middle of the night trying to find peanut butter. I just remember thinking how hungry I was. I ate half a peanut butter sandwich and went back to sleep....and so it goes.

I have been a night eater since about 1991. I routinely wake in the middle of the night from sound sleep to on my feet. I have read where people eat at night in their sleep, but I am fully awake. My stomach or brain (not sure which) talks to me....and commands food. I comply and I can easily go back to sleep. On a good night, it will only happen once. If I have been under a lot of stress it can happen every hour....literally to the hour. What is funny...is that from the time I first fall asleep....it is almost two hours to the minute before I wake up the first time.

Night eaters diet? Well, in communicating with others peanut butter is a favorite among us. So is cereal. I have eaten candy, but usually it is around Halloween or the holidays when we would have it in the house. It does seem to be a high carb diet though, for all of us.

Night eating has been studied at Penn State for some time. I am not sure if they have decided if it is an eating disorder or a sleeping disorder. Either way, it is not fun. I am on an internet group with others with the same disorder. It seems to have a profound impact on others lives more than it does mine. I don't feel tired in the morning from waking up and I have not gained a ton of weight from it so I try not to let it control my life. If something stresses me out, I just do it more anyway, so why rock the boat? I also notice it happens more if I am not getting enough excercise. If I increase it even a little, there is a noticeable difference. Not gone...just difference.

The disorder is really beginning to be noticed in the medical field. I hope they find a fix for us...because I would really like to sleep all night for a change.

If you or anyone you know, suffer from Night Eating Syndrome, please let me know. I can point you to some very good information.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today You Can Relax, Tomorrow Obama Starts Signing Away Our Country

One of the very first bills Obama is expected to sign is a bill granting illegal aliens FREE health insurance. It will also give FREE health insurance to children whose parents earn up to $61,000 a year with a family of four.

Now, if you make SIXTY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR you do not deserve free health care for your children. You can afford to pay for it and you should pay for it. PERIOD. That should be factored in above your mortgage. If the amount you have to pay for health care for your children is going to affect you, then buy a smaller house. Trade your car(s) in for something less expensive. Cancel your damn gym memberships....OK?

As for illegal aliens....they are not entitled to health benefits using American tax dollars. As I understand it, they can sign up with no passport or green card. They must provide a social security number and they will be given health benefits for up to 90 days while they verify the social security number. That being said, is the Social Security administration tracking stolen numbers? If a stolen SS number is not yet known to be stolen it will appear as valid. Which will allow illegal aliens to continue to burden our health care system with free health care.

Medicaid is meant to be for those in hard times, temporary. Sadly, it is used as a way of life by many Americans and illegal aliens.

America cannot afford to provide them with free health care. We are up to our ears in debt...have a sinking economy.....and these benefits should be paid for those hard working Americans and LEGAL immigrants who are suffering through this collapsing economy.

When is America going to wake up? They are here in violation of American laws! Why should we feel sorry for them? What about the people waiting in line legally to come live the American dream? Those who want to come here and propser, not come illegally to steal health care, food, housing, and education from the American tax payer.

America has to get a grip on the illegal alien issue. Yes, ILLEGAL ALIEN. They are here illegally. They are not undocumentented workers....they are criminals. They are stealing from the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS....they are stealing our AMERICAN DREAM. So that makes two crimes....entering illegally and stealing.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for them. Yet, by the end of the day tomorrow, this could be law.

For more on this story see:

Obama Poised to Give Illegals Insurance

Emergency Preparedness

Shortly after 9/11 I realized that if there were an emergency in my area, I was not prepared. I had a new baby, and we would have been in trouble had disaster struck. I began to read on the internet about what items you should keep in your emergency kit. I was just amazed at the items listed, and not by just anyone, but by our own government.

There were items I had never even considered. Items I would have not had if I needed them. People laugh, but the reality is you should have an emergency kit. The word kit is misleading. It makes it sound small. Mine is not so small, but I know one thing for sure, I have almost everything I could possibly need for myself and my children should an emergency arise.

We tend to think of a national crisis when we think of our emergency kit, but there are plenty of local natural disasters that occur much more frequently. Still, you need to be prepared.

The following items are listed by DHS as essential to your emergency kit:

1. Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for
drinking and sanitation

2. Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food

3. Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone
alert and extra batteries for both

4. Flashlight and extra batteries

5. First Aid Kit which includes:

Two pairs of Latex, or other sterile gloves (if you are allergic to Latex).
Sterile dressings to stop bleeding.
Cleansing agent/soap and antibiotic towelettes to disinfect.
Antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
Burn ointment to prevent infection.
Adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes.
Eye wash solution to flush the eyes or as general decontaminant.
Thermometer (Read more: Biological Threat)
Prescription medications you take every day such as insulin, heart
medicine and asthma inhalers. You should periodically rotate medicines to
account for expiration dates.
Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose and blood pressure monitoring
equipment and supplies.

6. Whistle to signal for help

7. Dust Masks, to help filter contaminated air and and plastic sheeting
(pre-cut to fit your windows and doors)and duct tape to shelter-in-place

8. Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation

9. Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities

10. Can opener (manual) for food (if kit contains canned food)

11. Infant formula and diapers

12. Pet food and extra water for your pet

13. Important documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification,
and bank account records in a portable waterproof container

14. Cash, change

15. Emergency reference material such as a first aid book or information from

16. Sleeping bag and/or warm blankets

17. Complete change of clothes including long sleeved shirt, pants and sturdy
shoes. Additional clothing if you live in a cold climate.

18. Household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper - When diluted nine
parts water to one part bleach it can serve as a disinfectant. Or
in an emergency you can treat water (for drinking) by using 16 drops bleach
to one gallon of water. Do not used scented or color safe bleach or
bleach with added cleaners.

19. Fire Extinguisher

20. Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items

21. Mess kits, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils, paper towels

22. Books, games, puzzles or other activities for children

It is also important to have a plan to connect with your family. Often times local phone lines and cell phone signals are jammed with local calls. Try to have an out of town contact that can help you connect and communicate with your family should local lines be jammed.

Know the plans for your childs school.

Be sure to have the plastic sheeting pre-cut for your windows, doors, vents, fireplace...etc. In an emergency, you will not have time to cut them to fit. They need to be pre-cut and marked for the window or door they are cut to fit.

You can never be too safe. Although we would like to think we will never have to use these items, we do live in uncertain times. It is far more likely you may need these items for a natural disaster such as a tornado, but one never knows what terror others may have planned for us.

Just be prepared. It is the smart thing to do.

For printable lists and more information, please visit:


Monday, January 19, 2009

Illegal Immigrants Ravage U.S. Infrastructure

Illegal Immigrants Ravage U.S. Infrastructure

I am just appalled. I usually foam at the mouth, but right now I cannot think of a single thing to add to this article, but give me a second.

Well...ok...there is one. Hispanics of the illegal variety have taken over my entire city. My daughters school is some 80% hispanic, I believe. Now with the new IB program our school is taking part in...guess what language is now mandatory for our children beginning in kindergarten? Go ahead...guess. Seriously....just give it a shot!


Go figure.

They come into our country and our government turns a blind eye to their breaking American laws. You just go break a law and see if they turn a blind eye on you, the hardworking, tax paying, American CITIZEN. Doubt it.

Finally, my county is acting on this problem. If anyone is arrested and are here illegaly...they are held for immigration, and deported. They started a 26 day surge on this and it started on 1/12. Now...this creates jobs...don't you think?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry, Boss, That's Against My Religion!

Not too long ago, a small photography business was fined for refusing to photograph a gay "wedding". The refusal was based on religious beliefs. I stand firm that they had that right.

Somali Muslims just won a lawsuit against Gold'n Plump, Inc. for being required to sign an acknowledgement that they might have to handle pork while performing the job they were being hired for. The requirements of a job should be set by the employer. If someone cannot meet the requirements they should look for another job.

Yet, some Christian pharmacists are REQUIRED to dispense the abortion pill by law even if it is in conflict with their religious beliefs. Oh but, the Muslims win their lawsuit. Does there seem to be a double standard here?

The dating site eHarmony.com was successfully sued for discrimination because it did not offer gay dating services, yet there are literally hundreds of gay dating sites that do not offer heretosexual dating services. Hmmm.....my mind is racing.

I am so baffled by all of this. Will I, as a small business owner, be forced to accommodate that which is against my religious beliefs?

It is my opinion that I should not have to do anything against my moral standards and/or religious beliefs. That being said, I own my business. I do not work for someone else who is willing to offer services that would be in conflict with my religious and moral standards. There are some things I just will not do and I will not be forced to do.

When you take a job, you take it because you are willing and able to perform the job requirements. If a meat processing plant processes pork, then don't work there. If you don't want to scan bacon in the grocery store, then you are free in America to start your own grocery store that does not sell it. (until someone feels discriminated against and sues you to force you to sell bacon).

The owners of the pharmacy you work for, set the standards. If you are going to work for THEM, then you must accept the job with all the requirements.

It just seems to me that it is the Christian Americans and American business owners taking the heat here. We are forced to do what others want us to do and yet we cannot object legally to the very same defense of the Muslims and Gays for our own religious rights and moral standards. We are literally giving up all of our own rights for the rights of immigrants and and other minority groups, and we have lost the very same rights they are winning? Is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem with this?

I am waiting for the lawsuit that sues a vegetarian restaurant for not offering steaks, or the muslim woman applying for a job as a stripper and refusing to remove religious covering or for me to apply for a waitress position in a bar but refuse to take orders for alcohal. Or what if a Jehovas Witness baker refuses to sell a birthday cake? What if a Catholic refuses to sell condoms because they prevent pregnancy?

The bottom line is this. If you come to America, you are free. You are free to practice your religion, but do not expect any American or American business to accommodate your beliefs. If you cannot handle pork, then do not apply for work in a place that processes or sells pork. If you must pray at noon on Friday, then state that on your application as a time you are unavailable for work. Don't let them hire you because you said you could work any hours then sue them for your right to pray. If you do not like the way things are in America....then just go home. Or, you can stay and contribute to a diverse culture....but not expect people to meet your needs. I never expect people to meet mine...and I was born here.

Employers should be able to state the requirements of a job for potential candidates. If you do not meet the requirements, then don't apply. Business owners should decide what services they are going to offer, period.

I could never work in a strip club or bar. I have religious and moral objections to that kind of thing. That means....I would never even attempt to work in that sort of business. Could not even walk in to apply. Still, I would not apply and then sue them. I would not apply to work anywhere that would require me to work on Saturday or Sunday. I would not apply, accept the job then sue them.

Get the picture?

eHarmony sued for not offering gay dating services

Same sex marriage shuts down Methodist campground

Somalis win settlement in chicken plant discrimination case

Some Muslim Workers at Target Refuse to Handle Pork

Christian Photographer Fined for Refusing Gay Wedding

Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Airways Crash

All I can say is Amazing! What an an amazing job the pilots and flight crew did today! Not one death! Everyone alive! I read that it is the first time in 50 years of commercial flights that such a landing was successful, and successful it was. It was more of a miracle performed by those pilots and crew.

They say that flying is safer than driving or even crossing the street. I believe it. Thousands of flights everyday and there has not been one fatality in over two years. Todays crash did not change that statisic. It is a happy ending to what could have been a huge tragedy.

I just want to say to the pilots and crew....you are remarkable. If I were going to fly....I would want to be on YOUR plane. WAY TO GO!

That being said, I no longer fly. I'm scared.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The future of America....Think about it!

I lost my Mom just about one year ago. Life without her has been just miserable, but I know I will see her again. As hard as it is to live without her, I am finding some comfort in knowing that she will not have to face the uncertain future we all face. I say uncertain, when really it appears quite certain. A change in our country that most people do not even realize is coming. They asked for change.....and I believe they will get change. Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you ask for"? Think about it.

We are living in very turbulent times and I just do not see an end to it. Just when I think it is calming down, I realize quickly it is not. I see Bible prophecy coming to fruition right before my very eyes. We are seeing so many things that indicate that we are, indeed, the final generation. Am I afraid? Yes and no. I am afraid of seeing my children suffer. I believe, however, that better things are to come and it is hard to fear that. Believe it.

When I was born, it was a time when one could say that the world was mine...to create a wonderful career, and life for myself. It was a time when people could choose their own path in life. For the children of today, I am not sure that is the case. Keep reading.

Quietly, bills are being written to limit our freedom, privacy, and our right to choose what we do in life. Our children face being forced to volunteer 50 hours in middle school and high school each year, and 100 hours per year in college. Then..at some point between ages 18-25 they will have to do three months of "training". Mandatory. Training? Just what kind of training? Civil Defense training? Training to become the Big Brother agent? The point is...when things like this become mandatory, you have lost your freedom. If you are forced to volunteer, then you are no longer volunteering. Think about it.

Obama also proposes to make the draft mandatory for females and for front line fighting. Well, lets just send our whole damn country to war, and not worry about how few people are left behind to keep the country running at home. Let's force women with babies to fight wars. Give me a break. I believe the draft should be mandatory for males...and only for fighting to defend our freedom on our soil. You know..for when the enemy attacks us at home. Think about it.

Obama also plans to close Gitmo and move their legal affairs to American courts. He wants to give them the same rights we have. Rights they would not have in their own countries. These are the very people that were caught in acts of terrorism against Americans. Most of the countries these people are from do not want them back. If our American courts find that they should be freed, what does he do with them if other countries will not take them? Is he going to set them free among us? Give them bail? Oh don't worry, if they get bail they must be nice. Think about it.

Our country rapidly faces losing their 2nd ammendment right. There is a bill (H R 45)currently under way to track all firearms of Americans. This bill would require all licensed owners of firearms to submit their thumbprint, photo and mental health records to the FEDERAL government. In addition, there seems to be rumor of a constitutional convention in the near future. If that happens, the above is moot....because it is almost a given that the 2nd ammendment will be dismissed, taking away the rights of Americans to own firearms period. It is my understanding that if a constitutional convention is called, it leaves the current constitution null and void and the constitution is then rewritten. There goes our freedom. Think about it.

Add to all of the above the socialist ties of our new President. Is this where we are heading? Obama has selected two confirmed socialsts to his office. Am I the only one in America concerned by this? Are we headed to socialism? Will it happen by consent or conquer? Think about it.

Will blogs become illegal unless they speak in support of the government? Will we need a license to blog? Think about it.

Our privacy, which was long held as one of the greatest freedoms, is gone. We now have the Black Widow spying on our every internet move and telephone call. No consent, no warrant....privacy GONE. It is said it is for national security. But with no warrant needed we can be monitored for anything. Not just ties to terrorism. Bloggers can be tracked for not agreeing with the government. We really should have thought about that.

The dollar is sinking, our country is in a major crisis and the fall of America does not seem unlikely. What happens IF America really does fall? What does that really mean? What are the implications? Massive unrest? Food shortages? Rations? Will our very own military turn on us?

You really need to think about it, before it is too late.








Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yellowstone, Obama, and Families (not in that order)

With 6 days to before Obama closes the "Office of the President Elect", one might wonder what lies ahead. I believe, that Obama will truly bring families together again. Remember the days when families not only prayed together, but played together? Get ready, Folks....those days are about to return. Now this is not all together a bad thing.....but put it into perspective. IT IS ALL WE WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO DO. While you have some money left that has not been sucked up by taxes...hurry to the nearest Target and buy all the board games and Uno cards you can find. If you can buy doubles...do it in case you lose essential pieces.

It is too bad it is going to take a Presdident of the USA to bring families closer together. It is too bad it has to happen this way. Shame on us. Our kids have needed our time all along.

I truly believe that America is reaching the end of the road. There is a Russian professor who has long predicted that America will fall in 2010. Now...15 years ago, I would have laughed. I am not laughing now. It seems not only possible, but probable. We are in a state of disaster. This country once bold, brave, and beautiful is falling apart. Now, I am an end times believer....so I believe better things are to follow.

Still, I find myself angry that one of the most expensive inaugrations is upon us. I believe that any decent President, considering the state of our economy, would forego the infamous ball. Just take the oath of office and get your ass to work. You fix the economny, you can renew your oath and have your big inagurial ball....and every hard working American would say you deserved it. But to celebrate your oath of office when million of Americans have lost their jobs....really pisses me off. There...I said it!

Now...we still have Yellowstone making herself known. The swarms are continuing...but...waning. I believe they will return....and that we are seeing a pattern forming. I read on some geology site, that the worst thing that could happen at Yellowstone would be a thaw...and the implications of such. It did not sound so good. Then on another site...one made a prediction that in the fourth month of this new swarm activity...(which they say will wax and wane) Yellowstone will erupt. Now...four months from the end of December puts us into late April....not long after a big thaw at Yellowstone. I have noticed how quakes are posted then removed. I find that interesting. I wonder...if Obama has been briefed?

You know, I wonder what Ronald Weinland would say on this topic?


Monday, January 12, 2009

More than 900 earthquakes at Yellowstone in two weeks?

Ok...if Yellowstone averages 2ooo-3000 quakes each year, then I see why geologists are paying attention to 900 in about two weeks. I find it interesting to watch the quakes at Yellowstone in connection to ones in Califorina. They do seem to be relatives, of sort. People are claiming to have seen harmonic tremors on the seismothingamajigs (I do know the real word and the spelling but I liked this one better).....but from what I can read....harmonic tremors are the FINAL warning and the eruption is immediate. Not days, weeks or months...but almost immediate. Now maybe I need to keep studying on this, but that is what I have seen in all my searches. Gosh, how I wish I had listened to my Mother all those years back telling me to go to college before I got married and had babies. Geology...specifically earthquakes and volcanoes so intrigue me. You could study on them all your lives....and never master it. They are mysteries of the earth. Is it possible that all quakes....all over the world are interconnected? I get an email with all the earthquakes all over the world. I have noticed a trend....they run in cycles. There will be hundreds...or thousands in a short time world wide...then quiet for a while. What about volcanoes? Is there one big pot in the middle of the earth with magma that branches out to volcanoes? Are the branches like drains that get clogged...then BLOW? The SUPER VOLCANOES are of the greatest interest to me. How they lay hidden to human knowledge....and now geologists say Yellowstone had a massive eruption 640k years ago. Now don't get me wrong....but just HOW do they KNOW it was 640k years ago? I would like a time and date too....lol. OH but wait...there was a smaller eruption 70k years ago. Now I am fairly sure they can predict the size of those eruptions...but the years? I just dunno. I really do have a deep interest in the Yellowstone Caldera. It is a very restless, very large entity that can get the attention of geologists and internet bloggers alike. The thing is, geologists know so little about it......while most internet bloggers are experts. We could never be prepared for the devastation it could unleash. Still, we strive to learn about it. Predict it. While no matter what we learn, it will not likely be passed on to many future generations once she blows.....and blow she will. Eventually. What I have discovered is that they have been quite concerned about this restless giant for some time now. Of course, everything is downplayed with current events....but I found an article that talks about the bulge...and what it could mean. Seems to be from a very reputable magazine....GeoTimes. Actually, I found a few articles and will share them with you......BUT.....when you read the May 2006 edition, keep this thought in your head: If they have only known it was a volcanoe or caldera....since the early 60's....then they have only been monitoring it for eruption purposes for some 40 odd years. How much did it change before that?Geotimes - August 2004 - Pressure shifts in Yellowstone, Geotimes - May 2006 - Yellowstone's moving magma, and the last link I am wanting to share with seems to only want to link right in the middle of everything I have typed so far. Can't figure out volcanoes...and cannot always figure out computers either. Enjoy the articles. I found them very interesting....especially the May 2006. Oh...and if you want one website that has just a plethora of information....some fact..some opinion....be sure to visit: The Yellowstone Newspaper. Now that linked perfectly...go figure. Until next time, keep your eyes toward Yellowstone! She IS gonna blow. Geotimes - November 2007 - Yellowstone and Heise: Supervolcanoes That Lighten

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yellowstone, it IS gonna blow!

I have done a lot of internet searching on Yellowstone lately and found a lot of very good information. What have I learned from it? We still have no clue when this thing is gonna blow and that there is nothing we can do to stop it. So, what are ya gonna do? If you are really concerned and you live near there, move. I live in Georgia and I just happen to have plastic (pre-cut to fit my windows and doors), duct tape, heavy duty face masks....and a few days of food on hand at all times. However, I have had this since shortly after 9/11. Clearly, there are many reasons to keep these items on hand. It just makes good sense to keep a good emergency kit handy. Now, if you live near Yellowstone and it blows....your emergency kit will be obliterated right along with you but don't worry, you won't know what hit you. I live in an area where tornadoes are far more likely. America is changing......the world is changing....and things we never used to give thought to...are slapping us in the face. Are we in end times? If you believe The Bible, probably. Still, my greatest worry of all is finding a job. My business has tanked with the economy and I have four children all ages seven and under. That is my greatest worry about the future....and sadly, my plastic, duct tape and masks are not much help. We face so many possible dangers and disasters.....volcanoes, tornadoes, terror attacks, loss of our retirement accounts, loss of our privacy (google Obama and the Black Widow).....etc. You just have to put things into perspective, people. Yes, I find Yellowstone and earthquakes very interesting. If I could go back 20 years I would have been a geology major. I love the challenge of it all. Still, we have far more immediate worries than Yellowstone blowing. Although, it is gonna blow...we just have no clue when and there is nothing we can do about it anyway.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yellowstone Super Volcano

I don't really care what anyone thinks....I think the Yellowstone Caldera is in the early stages of eruption. Now, putting that into perspective, it could still be many years before it blows. I do not believe that the "experts" know enough about it to predict an eruption and would basically refuse to alarm anyone until it was clearly evident to them, with their limited knowledge, that it was going to blow. By then....it would likely be too late. Still.....it could be tomorrow or in 1000 years. The early stages of a volcano that erupts approximately every 600k years could take a while. Watch the information that is available to you. If you live near there, educate yourselves....because waiting for the experts to warn you might come too late.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life is moving...

Life is moving so quickly. Maybe it has been this way in times past....but it seems like chaos to me. Israel defending itself.....Hamas lobbing rockets down on Israel like rain. Hezzbollah waiting in the wings to join in the terror. Earthquakes everywhere. New President incoming....and the world talking abut the New World Order. Russia halting gas to many European nations. I just don't get it. Can't people just be nice? Just freekin be nice.....it's not that hard. Russia predicts the USA will fall in 2010. I can remember not so long ago...if I had read that, I would have laughed....now...I don't seem to be laughing. It just does not seem so impossible. Pray......Pray for our country, pray for our families.....pray for our souls.