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I despise the left wing liberal attempts to change America. I support FREEDOM, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, religious freedom and protecting the rights of Americans, including the unborn. Close the border, round up illegals and send them home. Welcome them back with a green card. I believe in preserving the visions of our founding fathers which did not include Socialism or Sharia Law. This IS STILL America.....at least for now.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living Cheap

Send me any ideas you have on how to cut expenses......I am making a website for this purpose.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Belching Bovines

You know I have been thinking about wasteful spending......and it came to mind that someone I know.....well, her husband worked on a federal grant that did research on cows burps and the effect they have on our atmosphere and climate change.

You know....I don't want to come across as someone who doesn't care about the atmosphere...but give me a break. I am having a hard time with my tax dollars supporting this research which, I believe, was right here in my home state. We have so many people going hungry and we are going to spend money researching cow burps?

Do we have a known issue with cow burps? Does it take millions and millions of dollars in research to discover that we MAY have a problem with the burps of cows? Maybe a daily dose of beano would solve the problem....? Ya think?

Who comes up with this stuff? Someone please tell me! I am sure they must be some FAR left freekin winger with a Phd!

This is the type of stuff that I, as your president, will eliminate.

Geeez.....and they were calling wasteful spending pork? They had it all wrong, folks. They had it all wrong.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Me for President

If you elect me president, I will round up all the illegal aliens and any resident aliens receiving welfare assistance as a way of life and send them home. This should free up some jobs for the Americans and HARDWORKING, LEGAL immigrants who need them and cut spending on welfare programs. It will reduce the amount of unpaid medical bills in the country, and possibly allow the cost of medical care to drop. I will close our borders. As so many of my fine democratic friends have said to me..they do not want to live behind a wall....they need to know that MY wall will not be to keep people in, but rather serve to keep out those who do not belong here.

I will also make English the national language. If you need an interpretor, you better be ready to pay for it. I will find a way to come up with insurance (not socialized medicine, insurance) for everyone. Those with pre-existing conditions will not be refused insurance...but rather they will become an assigned risk. If everyone is covered, more bills will be paid cutting the need for people to use the emergency room for strep throat and not paying the bill. There will be reform on malpractice lawsuits....again, allowing the cost of medical care to drop.

Next, I will cut all the wasteful spending. We really have no need to know how birdshit can improve fine lines and wrinkles to keep you looking younger. New parks will come to a halt. There is a time and a place to build new parks, and now is not the time. Those manual pressure enforcers the government has purchased in the past for more than $200.00 each....will come to an end. You can buy a damn hammer for FIVE BUCKS.

Yes, I will end the war in Iraq...at just the right time...and not a minute sooner. We need to get out of there...but not with a white flag. I will increase our military. I for one, want to know that we can defend our way of life.....I want my children and yours to live free. Next, I will make sure that CEO's who bring down companies and destroy the life savings of American citizens pay for it. I promise you that they will have a job to replace the million dollar packages they are rewarded with for destroying the lives of Americans. Oh yes....and I give you my word...that they will make license plates and pick up garbage and dog shit for the rest of their lives. I will make it okay once again to worship God.

You will be able to worship God, however you like. But let me make one thing clear.....if there is no PRAYER in schools...that also means no prayer with rugs and compasses. There will be no prayer in our schools at all. We are a Christian nation......and inside this Christian nation...everyone is free to worship however they like. If you are offended by the Christian religion or the American way of life, then this might not be the place for you. We will no longer change our lives and laws so as not to offend you. We are free here.....and you are free to leave.

As for taxes....well if you listen to Obama....those making 250k are middle class. Give me a freekin break. That is not middle class. Middle class is more like 40k a year. Yes, I will cut taxes. It will be easy to do without spending money on researching birdshit. Oh...and Airforce One? It will fly a whole lot less. I don't like flying anyway. I have no intentions of making trips to other countries until our country is back on track.

I also believe that presidential candidates should give HALF of the funds they raise for their campaigns to the new medical insurance program. I understand that Obama has nearly spent 90 million on tv ads. Give me a break. They get enough media coverage......which under my leadership will no longer provide presidential endorsements. The media has tainted the minds of Americans by being untruthful. If I am President.....that will change. If you print something......or show something on tv that is presented as factual....you better be able to prove it. Freedom of speech does not cover lies. It does cover your opinion......but there is a huge difference in opinions and lies.

If I am President, your right to bear arms will be protected. If I am president, late term abortion will be banned. I am pro-life and I am telling you this right now. I believe abortion is WRONG. There is a huge difference though between President and God. I do believe you have a right to control your own body. However, when aborting a baby that would live....you are controlling more than your own body. As bad as I hate to compromise on this....I would agree to first trimester abortion. You will answer to God. Late term abortion, I will never go along with. This is a human being that could survive outside the womb, that feels pain. I will protect that life inside your body at all cost. And still......I hope to find ways to reduce the number of first trimester abortions....and in my heart of hearts....I would hope to eliminate them. I am telling you this up front.

As for the economy? Why does the government have to bail out the banking and mortgage industry. Why should TAX PAYERS have to foot the bill for mortgages that went bad? All the mortgages out there in jeopardy.....well the institutions who were predatory lenders would have to re-negotiate the mortgages. Get on it...the sooner you do it...the sooner these hard working Americans can pay you. If we have to lend you a little money for the time it takes you to do this...fine. You can and will pay the money back to the American tax payers. The Americans who got themselves into this....hopefully have learned a lesson. Next, I would extend the unemployment benefits temporarily. We are losing jobs faster than creating them right now....but I assure you....that all who can work and needs to work, better be looking for a job in earnest.

As for education, well....you will have freedom to choose your childs school if you live where schools are not up to standard. If you choose to homeschool.....that if just fine. You go for it. I will see that you get a little assistance for the things you need to do that. That sure costs less than sending them to public school.....and in most cases these homeshchooled children receive a far better education. There will be many school options such as virtual schools, charter schools....and the opportunity to send your child to private schools. I believe in less government.....not more. Where I see an intense need for government right now is in defense. We need to be figuring out ways to protect our country. How to protect from an EMP attack and how to knock missles out of the air before they even get close enough to cause us any harm......with 100% accuracy. How to upgrade our electrical grid.....which is so freekin fragile that we have seen power outages through almost a third of the nation at one time. Our infrastructure is outdated. It is fragile. I will certainly agree to drill. We need to free ourselves from oil dependency....especially from other nations. That means seeking alternative means of energy. Come on, America.......we have a lot to do. It all has to begin with cutting spending.....wasteful spending.....so that we can spend where we need to be spending.

On our veterans, we need to support them. They fought for us....and we need to make sure they come home and have what they need from us to carry on with their lives. We need to support our seniors. They need us. Does that mean paying for Bingo programs? I think not. The churches can do that. We need to make sure that they have what they need to live without worry. We cannot pay for their cable tv....but we can make sure they have access to medical care, and affordable housing.

As for jobs......cutting taxes allows for an increase in spending. Spending creates a need for jobs. We need tax breaks for small businesses......so that they can grow and hire more people. We need an America where we work hard to succeed. We have become a lazy nation. Want everything handed to us. Well, let me tell you.....you are about to get it. It is called Socialism. Just remember.....where there is more government to give you things...there is more government to take things away. So elect me......and I promise you that I will kick ass in Washington.....and make myself accountable for every freeekin dime spent or wasted.

If you are a terrorist, I will work to kill you. If you are a hardworking American or legal immigrant, I will protect the American way of life....I will work for YOU. Thank you and may God Bless America!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Shack

Has anyone read the book, The Shack? Let me tell you, it is a life changing experience. If you have not read it....put it on your list. Some parts you will have to read twice......it is deep...but the gyst of it is this....the only thing truly important in this world....are relationships.