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Monday, March 22, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Democrat Wants to Make Profanity Illegal in South Carolina

As if our country does not have enough to deal with right now....South Carolina State Senator, Robert Ford, wants to make profanity punishable by up to FIVE years in prison AND a $5000.00 fine. It would be a FELONY!

Close up those movie theaters, libraries, book stores, and record shops. Send the owners to jail. Convict their ASSES! They are surely the scum of the earth and deserve a FELONY for allowing those awful, nasty words in their establishments.

This is a clear example of your liberals at work. You can have gay marriage, kill your unborn baby....but you better not say SHIT! I bet it would be okay to take the Lords name in vain though, right? Hey....just change the TEN COMMANDMENTS from Thou Shall Not Take the Lords Name in Vain.....to thou shall not CURSE!

This is the most absurd and unconstitutional piece of work to date. SHIT, while you are at it….You might as well pass some laws that we honor government on bended knee at 6:01 AM each morning. That should include songs praising you and Obama. Go ahead…go all the way! Outlaw hamburgers and french fries…they are not good for kids either. Make it law that we eat the RDA of fruits and vegetables too and be able to prove it. Could you also make nap law? I love naps…and I think everyone should be required to take one daily.

I think it should be against the law to eat after dinner time which must be no later than 7pm. If that is law...it will surely keep me from snacking after dinner and ruining my health. The bigger the jail terms and fines for this, the better. I am just sure that will help me to control my snacking.

More importantly I want to see a law making everyone smile ALL the time…when dealing with people…any people…all people. Better yet smiling must be mandatory from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night. Just outlaw all the ASSHOLES in this country. I think it should be a felony to be an ASSHOLE! Could ya hurry on that nap law....please? Oh....don't forget to make please and thank you the law too. Failure to use these words as someone on the receiving end deems necessary should carry huge prison terms and fines. No exceptions.

Damn...errr....Gosh…....I am so glad to be American.

Democrat Wants to Make Profanity Illegal in South Carolina

Read the bill for yourself!