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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Belching Bovines

You know I have been thinking about wasteful spending......and it came to mind that someone I know.....well, her husband worked on a federal grant that did research on cows burps and the effect they have on our atmosphere and climate change.

You know....I don't want to come across as someone who doesn't care about the atmosphere...but give me a break. I am having a hard time with my tax dollars supporting this research which, I believe, was right here in my home state. We have so many people going hungry and we are going to spend money researching cow burps?

Do we have a known issue with cow burps? Does it take millions and millions of dollars in research to discover that we MAY have a problem with the burps of cows? Maybe a daily dose of beano would solve the problem....? Ya think?

Who comes up with this stuff? Someone please tell me! I am sure they must be some FAR left freekin winger with a Phd!

This is the type of stuff that I, as your president, will eliminate.

Geeez.....and they were calling wasteful spending pork? They had it all wrong, folks. They had it all wrong.

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