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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Implications of an EMP Attack Against America

Our country and our freedom faces so many threats. They are coming at us from every direction. Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela...to name a few.

One of the greatest fears I have had since learning about it....is an EMP attack. Our country is TOTALLY not prepared for any such attack.

Since North Korea announced plans of a satellite launch in early April.....we have heard reports that it is not a satellite they are launching....but a test of a missile that could theoretically hit the United States of America. What if....just what if....that test is not a test...what if it is an actual EMP attack. Such an attack would not kill people in itself.....but it could and would bring our country to its knees....leaving us open to all kinds of attacks from every rogue and radical nation without power to defend ourselves.

The attack itself would not kill people....but it would set us back into the dark ages.....or at least the 1800's. Casualties would result from our total dependence on technology. Refrigeration for food, power for treating and distributing a safe water supply, transportation, medical care....just about everything as it would shut down ALL of our power grids.. It is estimated that within two weeks...people would start dying. We could lose 70 to 90% of our population.

There are some precautions people can take to prepare for such an attack.....and it makes sense to at least look into it.

One millisecond and horse and buggy will look high tech.

No more ipods, computers, cameras, radio, television, electricity, ATM's, safe drinking water, mini vans, sports cars or transportation as we know it today. Nothing, gone. Transportation of food to our local grocery stores would come to a halt. No military defense to retaliate....we would be sitting ducks.

Ok..so the power comes back on in a few years...or even a few MONTHS. All of the electronics mentioned above...guess what? They are fried. Totally useless.

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"Faraday Box
To speed along your recovery time, you might keep some cheap electronic replacements stored at your home in a Faraday shielded box. “Faraday shielded,” is a fancy way of saying wrapped in metal, with an insulated core. To make a post-EMP attack electronics kit, simply place a cheap telephone, television, radio, and even a computer, in a cardboard box. Then wrap the cardboard box in aluminum foil. Voila, you are ready for Armageddon. The aluminum foil disperses the EMP field and the cardboard box insulates your electronics from the waves. You can also throw in your favorite video games, a prepaid cell phone, a fondue pot and any other electronic device you may want after an EMP attack. Those of you reliant on medical equipment, such as blood sugar monitors, may want to keep spare parts or units in a Faraday box."

Faraday Cages

There is a book out called One Second After. It is an excellent book which gives insight as to how an EMP attack would affect our country, our communities and our families. I found the book to be very enlightening and very frightening......it is a wonderful book to read, however.

One Second After


  1. A Large Scale EMP attack can do some damage, but it won't set us out for long. We have so many methods of generating electricity that it is impossible to take us completely down. As an individual, on thing you can do is set up wind turbines on your land, not only would it help in a case as such, but it'll bring down your electric bill!

  2. I agree that we can make electricity other ways for smaller purposes...but if our entire grid goes down...that is pretty serious. From what I have read...an attack over Iowa or Kansas....would get the entire country. There are solar chargers...etc...and I am getting one, but...water...transportation...etc.I worry that it would be more devastating than people realize.

    I live in the city...no turbines for me. Condo board would run me off...lol...or charge me $25.00 a day. We are looking to move to a more rural area though. With much anticipation I might add.

  3. Robert H. Tyrka, Sr.Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Imagine what it would be like to be set back into the early nineteenth century, when the only power was the horse or human legs. That's what the aftermath of an EMP attack would be like. Large-scale rioting would occur in cities and suburbs by people desperate for food or potable water, for there would be none as soon as grocery shelves were emptied. Neither cars, nor trucks, nor trains nor planes would run.

    Even wind turbines have controls run by solid state devices that would be fried in an attack.

    In the early nineteenth century the vast majority of people lived on farms and were capable of fulfilling their own basic needs. That is no longer the case, and the veneer of our civilization could be shredded without a sound or flash letting us know what happened.

    It seems that we will have to rely upon Prime Minister designate Netanyahu of Israel to save, at least for the time being, civilization; our government has done nothing about the utterly urgent catastrophe in the making. North Korea is probably capable right now of delivering an EMP attack, and Iran is either capable or will be shortly. This is a true doomsday machine for western civilization, worse than having a number of nuclear weapons fired at us.

  4. I agree with you Mr. Tyrka. The implications are devastating. Then other countries coming in and taking over...on the pretense of providing "aid".

    I think this is one of the GREATEST threats to America and yet the government seems not to take it seriously.

    While I do not see 90% of our population wiped out from the effects of an EMP attack....I bet it could easily be 50%.

    This type of an attack....would be Iran's dream.

  5. As far as Israel, you are right. We, the once greatest nation on earth, now depends on Israel to defend us from such an attack from the Iranian front.

    Still, I think that North Korea has the capability now. It could be set off from a ship offshore....and honestly we would never know where it came from. Russia already has the capability as well. They have even hinted in recent history on an EMP attack on America.

  6. And I would not be surprised of Iran and North Korea worked together to launch such an attack. Bear in mind NK is assisting Iran with their nuclear program.